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10 Best Health & Fitness Android apps

Posted: January 27, 2015 at 10:34 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

Health & Fitness conscious people try to be involved in health & fitness courses, sessions and classes, but now they can start their Best Health & Fitness training and sessions using Best Health & Fitness Android apps on their Android Phones or tablets. 

I tried to gather few highly rated, recommended and used Health & Fitness Android Apps to share with all those people who like to be conscious about their fitness plans, health care, diet and weight loss. 

I’m very much sure you are going to like these Best Health & Fitness Android apps, not only this, but you will install few of the Android Apps from this list to try and love it. 

Health & Fitness means taking care of yourself, now in the era of technology, we use Android Phone or iPhone everywhere, we almost have everything on Smartphones, so why not Health & Fitness management on Android phones. 

Have a look on these Health & Fitness Android Apps:


10 Best Health & Fitness Android apps


1.  Water Your Body

Water Your Body’ is a unique Android App that reminds you about drinking water throughout your day routine. The idea is fantastic. It’s been one of the most popular health care android apps on Google Play.

water your body

You also know that drinking water is so necessary for a healthy life. If you are having some problem with drinking water or you normally don’t remember much to drink water, then this app will help you to remind you, tell you occasionally about drinking water.

2.  Google Fit

google fit

Google Fit’ is a fitness management tool which can be used on Android to track, manage and record your fitness record on your Android phone. Whether you’re cycling, walking or running, take your Android phone with you, keep the record of your fitness activities to analyze it later on.

3.  Runtastic Heart Rate

Check your Heart Rate everywhere, anywhere, anytime. Runtastic Heart Rate Android App is one of the most innovative Android Apps I have ever seen. Reviews and Comments on the Google Play page of this App shows that this Android App works pretty accurately.

runtastic heart rate

Now using the Camera (back Cam) of your Android Phone, you can test your heart beat rate without spending money on checkups, buying BP Apparatus etc.

4.  Runtastic Six Pack Abs Workout

runtastic six packs

Runtastic Six Pack Abs Workout’ is an amazing fitness Android App which helps you in your workout. It shows you an avatar in HD quality on your Android Phone or tablet to let you imitate him to do the exercise steps. By following the video instructions led by Avatar in this App, you can be your own trainer at home-gym.

5.  Calorie Counter

calorie counter

Calorie Counter’ is a well-known Android App for Health and Fitness management. Calorie Counting is a complex job for an average person who doesn’t know much about Nutrition and diets. People consult Dermatologists and Nutritionists to get those advice from them about Calorie consumption.

6.  Moves

moves android app

Moves Android App’ keeps the track of your daily routine. It helps you to manage your daily tracking. By keeping the records of your daily walking, cycling and running, you can have the record, and literally able to perform better the next day.

7.  Runtastic Running & Fitness


Runtastic Running & Fitness’ is another level of Fitness Management on Android Phone. It tracks your running activities and daily life routine with GPS tracker. It keeps you noted with your daily calories burning, distance covered, time spent  and much more. All you need is to install this Android app and start using.

8.  HealthTap


HealthTap is a One-Tap doctors community app. Thousands of doctors will be just One-tap away from you. This fantastic Android App helps you to get personalized advice, help and suggestions from the doctors around the world. Listen and read world’s top doctors helping others.

9.  Calm – Meditate, Sleep, Relax


Are you a fan of Meditation? You might like this Android App. This Android app makes you ready to be relaxed, calm and quiet for sometime. Meditation would be the base of this Android app. After installing this App, you need to follow a pre-defined program to use this App.

10.  Noom Coach


Make your lifestyle improved by knowing health tips and fitness resources for better health care and safety of your body. Get to know a lot more in the Noom Coach Android app. Calorie counter, Health Articles, Fitness tips and much more are the top benefits of this Android app. 


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