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10 Most Popular Android Games to try in 2014

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You might have played some outstanding Android games last year, but its 2014 now and you need to look around and get some new Android games – I’m going to list some outstanding Android games and few of them will be my favorite Android games.

There have been lots of amazing Android games in 2013 which got huge hit, and I have been observing most of them and they look to grow more in 2014 – Interesting thing is few more games got added to the list and started giving competition to the other top Android games as most popular Android games.

Getting reviewed by CNET, huffingtonpost or lifehacker top blogs and portals make them few of the best Android games of this decade. There are many other recommended and credible reviews and analysis platforms which keep eyes on Android games and publish the reviews with highly sophisticated style and frame of mind.

10 Most Popular Android Games of 2014

Candy Crush Saga

Candy Crush Saga is a rapidly getting viral these days – It’s getting popularity just like once Temple Run got. It’s kind of strategic Android game which also looks like a board game. All you have to do is match the similar Candies to win points – There are hundreds of levels and every level comes with more challenging and more delicious journey.


Image credit:

There will be different, multicolor sweets and candies on the board and you’ll have to match the candies according to the given task to win the points. link

CSR Racing

CSR Racing is probably one of the best Car racing games on Google Play. It’s a dream come true sort of game for Racing games lovers. High-graphics, great gameplay, amazing racing experience and superb game-design make CSR Racing a perfect choice for racing game.

CSR_Racing_androidImage credit:  NaturalMotionGames Ltd

The CSR Racing features now world’s top brands in the car collection – Play CSR Racing with your Facebook friends now on your Android phone. Win races and unlock much more inside the game which includes new races and cars. link

Galaxy Empire

Galaxy Empire is a fantastic space-war android game. It’s time to defend your life against the unusual suspects out there seeing at you from another part of Galaxy. Galaxy Empire is a great fighting and war based strategic game which involves you while playing in it.


Image credit: tap4fun

You will explore the universe, and need to go beyond your orbit and you’ll be leading the forces against the enemies. Galaxy Empire will be a pretty awesome experience for those people who love to play fighting and strategic war games. link

Zynga Poker

Zynga Poker is a famous Poker game – It has been acclaimed as one of the best Poker games to play online. Well, No. of downloads tell that Zynga Poker is worth to try if you have interest in Poker.

It’s a free game to play on your Android phone, when you join Zynga Poker you get 20k Chips for free, and you can win up to 100k chips every day, make sure you don’t get addicted to it, otherwise you’ll be playing this game whole day!

Zynga_Poker_androidImage credit: Zynga

It’s a full-fledged Poker and Casino club game, where you can offer drinks to the folks who joined you on the table to play poker. You can participate in the tournaments. Just install this app and start playing without any delay. link

Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans is a fantastic Arcade and Action Android game. It has been one of the most popular games for last few weeks on Google Play. Clash of Clans Android game is developed by Supercell.

Game-play of Clash of Clans’ is based on the tribal fights where you have to lead your Clan to the victory – There will be attackers who will be from other tribes and areas, they might not want your existence, it would be a big fight with multiple stages – Every stage comes with more heated-fight and super fighter enemies from different clans.


Image credit: Supercell

You have to build your village – You will be the power and leader and you need to train your troops and get necessary preparations for the epic battle – Attackers will make their attempt anytime they want. link

Subway Surfers

Subway Surfers for Android’ has been a huge game for running and survival games lovers – It has been one of the most downloaded games on Google play and continuously growing with the passage of time. Subway Surfers is developed by Kiloo.


Image credit:  Kiloo

Subway Surfers is quite amazing Android survival based game in which Jake (Other characters to buy) needs your help, he has been caught in the subway while spraying, so policeman with his dog is behind him, running to get him. So help Jake in running and survival in Subway Surfers Android game. link

Temple Run

Temple Run is one of the blockbuster games on Android. Temple Run actually brought the magical craze of survival game which added specifically running games. Now you might find amazing running games, but Temple Run will remain on top.

Temple Run is a famous action and arcade category game filled with thriller, action and running. The beast will be there and you are in a historic temple – If you need to save yourself, then you have to run, and run faster!


Image credit: Imangi Studios

If you start playing Temple Run as it’s worth to check, then addiction of this game is guaranteed. It’s a free Android game to install and play on your Android phone. link

Temple Run 2

Just like Temple Run, Temple Run 2 is another action-packed thriller game. Temple Run 2 is slightly heavier than Temple Run as it is around 41 Mb in size where as Temple Run is just 23 Mb in size.


Image credit: Imangi Studios

Both parts of Temple Run game developed by Imangi Studios. Temple Run 2 is also a free Android game. The idea behind Temple Run 2 is to increase the effects and graphics, and give Android gamers a huge gaming-experience with graphics and amazing gameplay. link

Traffic Car Racer

Traffic Car Racer is a cool and amazing arcade racing game and it provides you a chance to drive your car and roam free in the city, you need to drive fast and safe in order to earn points and money. Traffic Car Racer is developed by Soner Kara.


Image credit: Soner Kara

Now Traffic Car Racer Android game features stunning gameplay which includes high quality 3D effects and graphics which takes you into a whole new world – Fantastic and realistic gameplay and car-handling gives this game an edge.

Have you played Daytona, Jet Moto or any other racing game a decade back? If you have played, then you’ll find this game amazing too. If I don’t go far in the history, then Midtown madness was an amazing PC game released few years back. I loved it few years back!

Try Traffic Car Racer on Android! link

Shoot Bubble Deluxe

Shoot Bubble Deluxe is a famous shooting game which gives you a chance to shoot the bubbles and complete the bubble buster task to win the game and cross the stage. Shoot Bubble Deluxe is developed by City Games LLC.


Image credit: City Games LLC

Deluxe version of Shoot Bubble game is a combination of Arcade and Puzzle mode which make this game more interesting. Now Shoot Bubble Deluxe Android game has around 300 amazing and interesting levels to cross. link

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