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3 Coolest FM Radio Android Apps

Posted: July 6, 2013 at 9:21 pm   /   by   /   comments (1)

Find best three Coolest FM Radio Android Apps for your Android phone. Some people are really addicted to listen to the FM Radio and they always listen to the radio. They follow some Djs and always tune-in during their favorite Dj programs on the FM Radio.

If you are a radio lover and you have an Android Smartphone then you must enjoy three coolest Android radio FM apps that would be perfect Android apps for you people. So take a look one of the following apps on your android device to experience quality radio FM.

TuneIn Radio

This is one of the most popular radio apps playing a large number of radio channels from different regions. You can listen to sports and news radio channels, music and comedy streaming round the clock. The app contains over 70,000 radio stations working worldwide so you can listen your favorite music in your own language.

TuneIn Radio

The shows and musical concerts are broadcasted live on these radio channels can also be listen with the help of TuneIn app on your android phone. The app is connected with the main website of the company so it is covering a huge area of network from your android Smartphone. Download Tune-in Radio App

Internet radio

Now you can listen to radio stations all over the world as this ‘Internet Radio’ App covers thousands of radio stations connected with this internet radio app. All you need is to just need to install this radio app on your android Smartphone. The app has included radio channels from UK, US, France, Spain, China and Japan.

Internet radio

The app is useful for those who have a slow internet speed as you need just 24Kbp/second speed to listen radio with this app. You can make your own lists of radio channels according to the genres of radio stations. Make lists for news, pop, sports, children and discography radio channels, then you will be comfortable to find your required channel.

If you record something while listening to the radio there is a recording function to catch your favorite music, song or discussion whatever you like to record through this app from the radio stations. Download Internet Radio

Pandora internet radio

If you have never hear about Pandora Radio, then this would be an amazing chance for you to know about this fantastic radio service app, as they are facilitating their users with quality radio channels worldwide. Now Pandora Internet radio is available for android smartphone users. If you have installed this app, you can create your own stations for your ease and taste, so you can tune the channels according to your mode, which could be entertaining, comedy, news or sports.

Pandora internet radio

The app is perfect for listening to the radio while traveling in cars and trains, as the outstanding coverage of the app will provide you quality signals through the internet. This app is free to install however, sometime there are some charges apply in case of listening large amount of data. Download Pandora App

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  • September 5, 2013 at 10:57 am Carroll

    I have tried Pandora and TuneIn radio apps in my smartphone. They are really cool. TuneIn allows its users to get tuned into more than 60000 stations.