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3 Reasons Why My Bro Doesn’t like QMobile Android Phones

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QMobile might be your choice for Android Smartphones as it has been one of the major mobile phone brands in Pakistan and claim as best-selling Smartphone brand in the country – I can’t say its best-selling smartphone brand because Samsung got huge acceptability here for Android fans.

Pakistan is a huge tech-potential market with over 10 million mobile phone users and Smartphones are getting popularity and acceptability among them – QMobile got into the story with great timing – When iPhones were getting popularity and Samsung had already started making challenges for Apple in the world market, QMobile stepped-in into the Pakistan market and brought the touch-screen normal mobile phones when Nokia’a Symbian color mobiles technology was something outstanding…

And guess what!

It worked really good – People found touch-screen phone pretty awesome in less prices as compared to Samsung and Nokia color mobile phones with camera 2 mp to 3.

Later on when Samsung entered into Android Market in last 4 to 5 years, they never looked back, Samsung has become the largest Android phone seller brand with few most successful Android phones like Samsung Galaxy S2, Samsung Galaxy S3, Samsung Galaxy S4, Samsung Galaxy Note, Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and Samsung Galaxy Note 3. More to come for sure.

So Now I’m coming to point, why some people might hiccup while purchasing a QMobile Android Phone! My younger brother purchased QMobile Android Phone. It was QMobile Noir A50 and in the start it was pretty good actually, he kept on enjoying the phone – After few weeks he got angry when Noir A50 started showing some problems.

What were those problems and why he started disliking QMobile Android Phones and specifically Noir A50? I’ll definitely reveal those reasons.

3 Reasons Why My Bro Doesn’t like QMobile Android Phones


1 – Noir A50 Operating System Error

First reason of making a mess for him was the operating system error which started making troubles – Phone used to switched off automatically, sometimes it used to get hanged!


Errors while opening the apps were the normal routine problems – He went to the customer care of QMobile and found them little sorry about the Noir A50 and they told him that this particular Android phone model has been seen making problems for the customers, means he wasn’t alone who got problem in this model.

Well, they re-installed the OS for free as it was in the official warranty. After some time it did the same!

2 – Android OS Update Feature

There is no doubt QMobile has come with quite amazing Android phones with affordable prices for everyone. Another lacking point my bro found was there was no concept of Android OS update in the QMobile Android Phones – It was certainly a disturbing point when Samsung, HTC, Sony and LG (Android) users get Android OS update, and you are unable to make your Android OS updated.

If QMobile starts giving feature of Android OS update in the upcoming Android phones, then its market value and share would definitely increase .

Technically I find Android OS update feature so important – It takes you to move-ahead with the world. It would certainly look odd that you are using Android 4.1 on your Smartphone when Android 4.4 has been released.


It was my bro’s second big concern for not-liking QMobile Android Phones and after that experience he became so choosy about Android Phone brands.

3 – VGA Front Camera

I found him little more conscious about Camera result – He accepted 5 Mp rear camera on his Noir A50, but where he got little frustrated was the front camera. Noir A50 has a VGA front camera. Normally major 5 MP Android phones have 1.3 mp front camera and 8 mp rear camera Smartphones have 2 mp front camera.

So he thought he doesn’t have at least 1.3 mp front camera, and he never used his front camera during few months he used Noir A50.

I agree with him about these three problems and reasons why he doesn’t like QMobile Android Phones – I suggest him to use other QMobile Android Phone. Smartphones like QMobile Noir A8 has been a successful model, and now Noir Quarto Z4, Noir Quarto Z4 mini, QMobile Noir Z3 are getting popularity.

My personal experience with QMobile Android Phones is quite good – I have used Noir A8 and it has been a useful and amazing Android Phone.

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