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4 Best Health and Fitness Apps on Android

Posted: May 21, 2014 at 3:38 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

Everyone wants to look smart and healthy. Being in good shape prevents us from many obnoxious diseases and health issues. Not only that, healthy appearance affect various others matters of your daily life.

People tend to attract towards the person, who has good looks with the smart features. It is a natural and psychological thing. But eventually, in broader perspective, keeping yourself up to date with health and fitness helps you in so many ways. Usually, people do not care with what they are eating. They just keep on having unhealthy food and gaining the unknown problems inside them. These health issues include diabetes, cholesterol, fats, blood pressure, or heart strokes. To overcome with these issues, they then hire the fitness trainer, do some hard diets, and many other efforts.

To make such life little easier, I have compiled Best Health and Fitness Apps for Android Users.

4 Best Health & Fitness Apps on Android

The modern way has reduced the need of going to the gym for long hours or doing extra efforts for losing weight. The simple Android apps in your smartphone can also help in doing that. Some of them are:

1 – Fooducate


This app helps you in knowing that what different eating products contain. This way, you can get a chance of eating healthy stuff only. If you are looking to eat something unhealthy then this app will provide you with its healthy alternative. There is a lot of information available on this app regarding the nutrients that will help you in understanding better. It helps you in:

  • Finding out the nutrients level and ingredients in any food.
  • Telling what advantages and disadvantages the product carries.
  • Giving you healthy food choices.
  • Searching the products with their barcode and names.
  • Sharing the feedback with the community.


2 – Lose It


This app helps you in keeping the record of calorie intakes, and set up the diet plans and exercise details for you. You can keep the track of which food contains how many calories, which food to pick, which product is helpful, and when to go for exercise. This app offers different goals to achieve like sleeping, hydration, body fats, exercise, weight, and many more. You can also search the product by taking snaps of its barcode and the app will tell you about its ingredients. With this amazing app, you can get connected with your friends, can find the recipes, and share with them on social media. Link

3 – FitnessBuilder


If you are fitness conscious then nothing comes better than having this app. This app is also very helpful for the people who do not workout at all. This app has more than 750 workouts for you. For the beginners to the professional, this app is an ideal thing for both of them. It has also 5600 images and videos of the fitness. Get the print out of the exercises, as this app is PDF supported. You can also ask the queries to the fitness gurus via this app. Plan your fitness week and days easily. It seems like having this app will get you in perfect and impressing shape. Link

4 – ┬áJEFIT Workout


Are you not the gym person? If you do not have time from your busy schedule to go to the gym and work out then all you need is to have this JEFIT Workout app. This workout tool is going to help you with the gym atmosphere at home. You can learn your related exercises and can plan the fitness plans. Even if you go to the gym, this app is going to reduce the need of your instructor. Link

Are you still thinking about getting any trainer? It is no more required. Just download these apps and get a healthy life.

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