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4 Best Toddlers Android Apps for Toddlers and Kids

Posted: December 30, 2013 at 12:41 pm   /   by   /   comments (2)

To keep toddlers busy in the house can be the most difficult thing for the mothers especially if they are professional. It is fact that taking care of young kids is quite a difficult task to do. The reason is that they cannot do anything on their own and need proper attention. Sometimes you will find them acting clumsy and climbing up the stairs, which can be quick risky. Now the question that may arise in mind is what can be done to keep them busy and protected.

Here you need to understand that toddlers love hand on activities. Thus, you can consider quite a few activities to keep them busy. These activities can be coloring the cartoon, playing with balloons, and much more. Besides this, there is another way to keep your kids busy and that is allowing them to play their favorite Android game.

Different kinds of Android games are available for the toddlers and you can select anyone of them based on the purpose you want to achieve. If you want to keep them just busy for a while then you can download a fun loving game for them. However, you can also make your toddlers learn different things by getting learning games for them. Few of the Android games or Kids Apps which you can consider for both the mentioned purposes, are as follows:

Toddler Lock


This is more like an app rather than a game, because this app allows your kid to learn making shapes and images by just touching the screen. Thus, you can say that besides making the child learn shapes, it also entertains him with its colorful graphics and attractive sounds. Download from Google play

AniWOrld Lite


It is a fact that kids are attracted towards animals. Now you can keep them busy by showing them their favorite animals on the screen. Besides this, the app will make them learn the names of the animals as well.  It is mainly an amazing app with the help of which your kid will not only remain busy but will also increase his vocabulary with ease. Download from Google play

Kids Piano Lite

Young kids love sounds and you can give them some entertainment and fun on your Android Phone or tablet screen by installing Kids Piano Lite app in it. Now you must be thinking how sound will be produced from the app. Will there be a single sound? Will that sound make your kid bored? The answer is no, as this game has different sounds and modes.


As the kid will touch the screen, the music will produce. With different touch, the musical sound will be different and keep your kid busy with the smart Android App for toddlers. Download from Google Play


Kids of every age love to hear and read stories. This is the best way to keep your kids busy but the selection of story on daily basis can be a difficult task. Now you can get iStory Books Android app in your gadget. The best part is that you can manage the library of story books in your Android phone for your kids. Moreover, for your ease, the app offers story books not only in text format but also in audio format, which is a real convenience for the user.


Hence, such apps which can facilitate your toddler or keep him/her engaged in different fun activities, are countless. You can find them easily on Google Play. The need is just to browse the internet to find the required app. However, keep in mind that some of them are paid whereas some of them are available for free. Thus, make the selection of the right app and keep your kid busy in an effective manner. Download from Google play

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