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5 Awesome Android Games for Toddlers & Kids (for Learning)

Posted: June 5, 2014 at 8:23 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

Sometimes we have to make fun with toddlers and they are always interested to use android gadgets. Sometimes kids and toddlers use Android Phones of parents and elders for gaming purpose.

In order to give fun and study together, we can use our android phones and tablets, however for this purpose you will need to install some of the best android games for toddlers and kids that will give education + fun together to the children.

1 – Educational Games for Kids

android games for childern This game has 8-in-one functionality, so kids will be able to play 8 games after you will install this single android game. You can teach your toddlers some school work using these educational android games where kids will be able to learn numbers, colors, days of week and months, alphabets, shapes and much more. This game is best for the pre-school kids, which will help them to get prepared for the school life and recognize the letters and alphabets.

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2 – Fun for toddlers

best educational game As the name of this game is Fun for toddlers, so it provides a lot of enjoyment in shape of different sounds and puzzle games to your little babies. This is a puzzle game where all of the puzzles have 7 items and the children have to recognize the 80 different sounds. Your children will be able to play this game as a sound game. The game contains easy to solve puzzles and easily recognize sounds especially created for toddlers.

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3 – Zebra Paint Coloring App

simple gaming app for childern Installing Zebra Paint Coloring App would allow your kids to paint various pictures and add different colors into the sketches. Teach your kids and toddlers about coloring. Pro version of this game is available with more than 100 templates. This app allows your toddlers to draw and paint different shapes using their little fingers and they will be able to use simple menu to pick their favorite shapes and colors.

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4 – Animal Games for Kids

animal android game for toddleresWe know kids love animals but they don’t have enough knowledge about all of the animals they like. You don’t need to worry about Animal Games for kids will help the toddlers to recognize different animals through different animated puzzle games. There are 12 different funny and animated puzzle games for kids and these games are available with different levels, once your kid passes a stage, he/she will move up to the next level.

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5 – Ant Smasher

smashing android gameChilders have a lot of interest in ants but some of the toddlers fear to see big ants, this toddler game named “Ant Smasher” – It will help you to decrease your children’s fear by smashing ants with their finger. This is a social game that will allow your children to smash their friends’ pictures as well. This is an entertaining game for kids that will provide them a lot of fun with simple to use options. There are several type of aunts, and kids will see dangerous bees while playing the game.

It’s a good way to teach your kids how to give attention to something, how to respond, what to do in certain situtations. Don’t worry about smashing stuff, when you’ll portrait the story positively, it shouldn’t be a matter of worry.

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PS: Images/Pictures used in this post are ownership of their respective creators/makers/game producers. We posted just for readers guidance. 

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