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5 Best E-book Reader Android Apps

Posted: January 7, 2014 at 2:22 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

Reading is always considered a good habit in every era. However, it is also a fact that in this busy era, it is difficult to manage time efficiently. Thus, there are so many readers, who may not get time to read a newspaper or a book and miss their reading habits.

For them, there would be no big luxury then having a smartphone app that will get them their favorite book.

Android developers acknowledged this fact and introduced lots of Android app to meet this need. This is the reason, which is why there are so many Android apps available for the readers, so that they can download their desired books in their gadget to read it anytime from anywhere they want. Some of the smartphones have these apps built-in in them, but there is a lot more to find out online in the form of magazines, novels, comics, kid’s books, etc.

5 Best E-book Reader Android Apps

If you are also interested in reading books, newspapers, or anything else then you must get any of the e-reading Android apps. Few of the very useful reader’s apps are given here.


This is an online website that has more than 5,000 magazines in it. There are magazine available in the digital news stand so that you can easily pick up the magazine by seeing their titles. Thus, you can enjoy reading free articles any time you want and can read them offline as well.


The best part is that the readers and Android users can also share their views and comments on the articles through their Facebook accounts. Download from Google Play


This app collects and gathers all the content from your interested websites and compiles it on a single place. Thus, you can say that with the help of this smart app, you can have your favorite blogs, YouTube videos, news, or anything else you want.


Moreover, you can not only save the articles on your device but can also share them on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social networking websites. Download from Google Play


It is an amazing app which contains more than 10 million free ebooks. They are available on any topic you want. The Android users can also read them offline if they have Buffer, Pocket or Instapaper in their phones.


All the famous authors also share their books and stories here. Also, if you like to write and want others to read, then you can certainly share your stories and write ups here. Download from Google Play


This app allows you to read the sample book or magazine before you buy them. It has all of the comics, newspapers, magazines, and books that you want to read. It gives the chance to read things that are according to your taste. You are not even forced to see that content in which you are not interested.


The thing which makes this app more amazing, is that it allows you to synchronize your smartphone with the iPad and other devices. Download from Google Play


If you are a bookworm then this app is best for you. You can save the titles of the articles and books once you read them. Keep them in the history or organize them as per your mood. This app database has 2,000 free ebooks but the best part is that you can get information about many other ebooks through its recommendation box.  Read others’ reviews to know what others are reading, and what views they have about that particular article or book.


These are the most recommended Android apps that every reading-lover must install on his/her Android phone or tablet. They are not only very cost effective but also fulfill the dream of reading anytime right on the Android device. Download from Google Play

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