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5 Best Medical Android Apps for Doctors

Posted: February 4, 2014 at 5:36 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

Medical is the profession that requires presence of mind and quick response to the problems of patients. Of course, a doctor and a nurse cannot flip the pages of their medical books to check that treatment, which a patient needs.

Things have become so easy for every professional now. When you can save your lectures and notes at one place like in your Smartphone or tablet then you can take the assistance anytime you want!

It does not matter if your patient is unable to explain his type of problem or pain, now you can quickly search things over internet using these relevant medical apps. All you need is your Android tablet or Android phone when you have this facility, then you can find out the solution without any hassle.

5 Best Medical Android Apps for Doctors

Some of the very useful apps that every doctor, nurse, and pharmacist must have in their phones are as follows:

1 – Diseases Codes ICD-10

Sometimes, you are not around your office or with the medical equipments. What will you do if your friend or someone else gets encountered with some sort of weird feelings or gets some spots on his/her body? You do not have to be panicked because you cannot just see to find the solution to the problem.

Diseases Codes ICD-10

All you can do is, take your phone, open the Diseases Codes ICD-10 app, and write the symptoms of the patient in the app. The app will instantly tell you what is happening and what medicine that patient must take. It is not important to have an internet connection all the time, you can also download it and can use whenever you want. link

2 – Skyscape Medical Resources

From doctors to the medical students, if you are looking to find out some help, then this app is the best one for you. It provides so many resources like medical calculators, drug information, symptoms information, and thus, capable of helping the users with many other medical related topics.

Skyscape Medical Resources

You can find out what the details of these new drugs are, how these pills look like etc.? If you are feeling skeptical about any drug, then you can also make confirmation before prescribing it. link

3 – Medscape

It is a new and advanced app that will provide the news from all over the medical world to you. It has news for the doctors, nurses, and even for the medical students.


There are so many medical specialists and professionals, who write on various topics. The app delivers the news from 34 specialists of the medical world. You can follow the one that is related to your medical field. You can save and read them later. You can get videos, articles, medicines, and diseases related details from this app. link

4 – PubMed Mobile

Are you compiling your research work or exam paper? If yes, then you must need to put some citations in it too. Be creative and put new research by the medical experts around the globe. You just have to write your keywords and the app will find out everything for your research.

PubMed Mobile android_app

You can save and share them too in the later reading. Write the comments and view others’ comments on the articles as well. link

5 – Calorie Counter- MyFitnessPal

Calories intake is the issue for many people, these days. Fast food is very much common which leads to other problems like increased calories and junk food consumption problems. If you are a doctor and your patient does not listen to you then all you need is this app.

Put it in your patient’s phone and he will see what he is consuming and how many calories he is having. The patients can keep track of their nutrient-intake this way. Doctors can also take help from this app to assess that how much calories their patient can intake in result of having certain diet.

Calorie Counter- MyFitnessPal

These apps are useful for everyone and it looks so important to have in your smartphone, as you never know when you may need them. link

Note: Trademarks/Names and Images are property of their respective owners. All Apps are mentioned with Google play links for Readers assistance only. We aren’t maker/designer/developer of any App/image whatsoever.

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