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5 Best Social Media Android Apps for Android Users

Posted: August 30, 2013 at 4:46 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

Social Media usage and accessibility are few of the most necessary things of today’s life. A variety of Social media tools and applications are being used for Social media contacts building, social interaction and Social marketing.

Social media users and internet marketers need to be connected to their social media friends and contacts and they use social media sites and apps of those sites on their Smartphones to stay connected and updated.

Find some Best Social Media Android Apps in this article, and these 5 Best Social Media Android Apps are must-have Social media tools and Apps to be installed and used on your Android Phone.

5 Best Social Media Android Apps for Android Users



Facebook is a famous Social media site and it has users in millions. Facebook Android App provides you an opportunity to stay on facebook on your Android Smartphone. Now use Facebook on your Android Phone. It is one of the best social media android apps for your device.


You can keep connected with your friends; you can keep an eye on your friends’ activities on the world’s largest social media website. The users of Facebook android app can easily update their Facebook account by sharing photos and videos as they do it through their PCs. You can see notifications, friends request and messages on your Android phone. Download


Google+ is a fastest growing social network among those people who are attached with social media networking. If you have a Gmail account it is very easy to use Google+ social network on your PC or Android Smartphone.

Google Plus

In order to use Google+ on Android Smartphone you have to install this app on you device and enjoy Google+ on your android tablet and phone. Google+ Android app is one of the most downloaded Social media Android apps in the world. You can share photos, videos and event on Google+ network using Google+ Android app. Google+ Android app gives you a complete room to utilize Google’s Google+ Network. Download


Twitter is one of the most used social networking sites in the world and millions of users access their twitter accounts daily on their PCs and Smartphones. Twitter Android App is an amazing Social media app from Twitter and available on Google play to download to keep you online on Twitter on your Android Smartphone.


Twitter has every type of users, School going kids, youngsters, Professionals, Businessmen, Companies, Organizations, Job persons, Entrepreneurs, Doctors, Students, Marketers, house-wives and other every type of other people in the society.

Twitter Android App can be used to watch videos and photos from the people you are following on Twitter, you can reply to the tweets, you can send your tweets, and share pictures with your followers on Twitter. Experience the Twitter on your Android Smartphone. Twitter


If you are a businessperson or professional, then you must have an account of LinkedIn which is one of the most famous social networking apps and LinkedIn Android app gives you the opportunity to enhance your professional exposure and appearance on the Business networking community. Now you must install LinkedIn on your android device and keep in touch with your connections.


Linkedin Android app has many new features which allow linkedin users to utilize this App more optimistically. It gives you the benefit to update your profile on your android device and check different linkedin groups to keep on touch with your interested topics. Download


Instagram is a famous picture and short-video sharing social media community. Initially it was available to access and use from Smartphones (iPhone and Android Phones), and recent updates made Instagram able to login in from the website as well.


Instagram Android App is a no. 1 picture and short-video sharing social app for Smartphones. Instagram Android App uses hashtags on pictures to categorize your pictures and people can search your relevant pictures through their favorite hashtags. Hashtags are linked with the pictures and work similar to twitter hashtags. Download

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