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5 Flappy Bird Alternative Games for Android

Posted: February 26, 2014 at 11:14 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

Are you missing Flappy Bird Game on Android or iOS? Well, if you didn’t get a chance to try Flappy Bird game on your Android tablet or Phone, then you got a chance to play Flappy Bird Alternative Games on Android now.

Almost two weeks have passed, but Flappy Bird fever is still on – Whether you’re on Twitter, Facebook or Google+, somehow you come across something related to Flappy Bird.

Have you heard a lot about Flappy Bird?  – And you might have come to know about its death – Maker pulled the game, and made off the market – Flappy Bird is still alive, in case you missed that post about Flappy Bird, here is your chance to actually experience Flappy Bird game.

It’s not the same Flappy bird, but some fans and Flappy Bird lovers came up with something relevant and seemingly alternative to Flappy Bird – Well, I got surprised at once, when I found these Android games, and amazingly I reached to Single Bird Android Game initially, which I thought to place at the top of the list of Flappy Bird Alternative Games for Android.

1 – Single Bird

Single Bird comes to me at once on Google Play store while searching for something good – I didn’t play it yet, but I might check this one – Graphics look okay to me, gameplay might be similar to Flappy Birds. More importantly, it has got some positive feedback from game players on Google play. You might like this Flappy Bird clone or Flappy Bird Alternative Game.



It looks like that Single Bird’ offers more than just crossing the pipes, and players might get something exciting in it – There might be cactus plants on your bird’s way – Seems interesting to me as it adds something to the Flappy Bird pipes concept. Link

2 – Floppy Bird

Floppy Bird is another alternative and remake of Flappy Bird Game on Android, and available to download for free. Gameplay looks like almost the same, improved and better colours and graphics make this game acceptable for gamers who want to experience Flappy bird.



Since Flappy bird went offline, these Flappy Bird Alternative Games for Android are getting hype. Take your Floppy bird now on your Android Phone, and try to take it through different stages and cross as many hurdles as you can. Link

3 – Flippy Bird

Flippy Bird is one of the coolest Flappy Bird Alternatives on Android, and it is totally eye-catching, if you see the graphics as compared to Flappy bird (original), Flippy Bird’s graphics are way better than Flappy Bird.

Clean background, soft and reasonable colour combination & nice look make Flippy Bird Android game a perfect Flappy Bird Alternative to download on Android and play.



Concept of Flippy Bird is quite similar to Flappy bird, and other relevant games – Taking the bird from the pipes, taping on the screen will help, and cross the hurdles will win you some credits or medals. Link

4 – Flying Bird

Flying Bird is a quite similar but interestingly little different appearance wise – Flappy style game ‘Flying Bird’ will be considered as Flappy Bird Alternative, as it comes with similar kind of situation where Bird has to cross the hurdles – Pipes have been replaced by pillars in Flying Bird Android game.


So, no pipes in this game – Graphics are quite playable and likeable – So nothing to worry about the interface, even better than Flappy bird. Flying Bird comes in the list of Flappy Bird Alternatives on Android, but it doesn’t look cheap clone of Flappy bird. It’s kind of conception-clone with some value added in the design and game play. Link

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5 – Splashy Fish

Splashy Fish is the last Flappy Bird Alternative game for Android in my list – It has similar sort of graphics quality as we have seen in Flappy Bird – Similar design, different colour scheme and replaced character makes this game somehow different from Flappy bird.



It has Fish rather than bird – I didn’t realize initially that it’s a fish though – but it is…

Try out Splashy Fish on your Android phone as Flappy Bird Alternative. Link

Tell me in the comments which one is better than all – If you have actually played Flappy Bird and now playing any of these games then tell me and readers about the difference…

PS: All images used in the post are property/ownership of their respective owners/makers/game publishers. We neither own nor claim to make it. We published just to help and entertain the readership.

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