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5 Most Recommended Android Apps for Every Android User

Posted: August 14, 2013 at 6:57 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

‘5 Most Recommended Android Apps for Every Android User’ is an outstanding collection of five different types of Android Apps which can be used for free and it would be helpful for today’s professional and non professional Android Phone users.


GoToMeeting is an Android app from Citrix Online, a division of Citrix Systems, Inc. This GoToMeeting Android app is an extremely helpful app to businesses and non profits organizations to communicate and coordinate with the members, employees or sales force.


GoToMeeting Android app gives you more power through your Android phone to be able to get connected and communicate with your team as soon as possible without much effort right on your Android Smartphone.

GoToMeeting Android app is an amazing free solution for Android Smartphone users to join with your team or employees quickly whenever you need to meet them or talk to them regarding business plans and scheduled meetings. Download this useful GoToMeeting Android app and starting meeting sessions to give presentations to your clients or employees through your smartphone and just present your ideas and solutions whether you are in another city or at home.  Download

ThinkFree Office Mobile Viewer

ThinkFree Office Mobile Viewer is an amazing office documents and files manager Android app. Now open your MS Word or MS Excel files on your Android Smartphone. If you want to present your powerpoint presentation, and can’t take your laptop, just take your file in your Smartphone and use ThinkFree Office Mobile Viewer Android app to open and show your powerpoint presentation or MS office file to your client.

ThinkFree Office Mobile Viewer

ThinkFree Office Mobile Viewer is a great Office files viewer Android app to view MS office and PDF files on your Smartphone. You can email your necessary and important MS office documents via ThinkFree Office Mobile Viewer. It can be linked to your MS Office and PDF files stored in Google Drive.  Download is a Middle East no. 1 job site to find jobs. Companies in Middle East use many job sites to hunt best employees but is considered as a major option. Employees also prefer to use for applying and finding new jobs.

Bayt Android App provides an opportunity to find and apply for your favourite and suitable job through your Android Phone. Now don’t miss best jobs in many parts of the world and especially in UAE.


Do you want to find job in Dubai or Sharjah? Are you looking for best IT or banking jobs in Abu Dhabi or Fujairah, just download free Bayt Android App from Google play and get access to thousands of job opportunities available on Bayt. Download

Emoze – email app

Emoze Android Emailing app is one of the most recommended Android emailing app for business and home users. Emailing is an important task to do that we normally do on our PC, Laptop or tablet and now you can use Emoze Android Emailing app to check your emails on your Android phone.

Emoze - email app

Emoze Android Emailing app has the ability to add multiple email accounts in your installed Emoze Android Emailing app on your Android phone, like Yahoo, Outlook (hotmail), Gmail and all other IMAP emails and your POP3 emails (Webmails) as well.

Emoze Android Emailing app is a free emailing app to download and use. Download this app from google play and make your email management easier for you. Download

Ask FM

Ask FM is a famous social questioning and answering site where you can make your free account to ask different questions and to give answers to various questions asked socially on the website. Now use Ask FM account on your Android phone.

Ask FM

Ask FM Android app provides you the chance to get connected to the community via your Android Smartphone. Ask FM Android app is a free Android app to use for everyone and you must experience this type of social interaction android app. Download.

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