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5 Singing and Music Android Apps for Singers

Posted: June 8, 2014 at 8:45 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

Time has been changed to a great extent. Today, a wide variety of Android apps can be found at the Google play store. It is surprising to know that daily chore apps, work apps, health apps, and many other apps are readily available.

All types of apps for crazy purposes are found and we never imagined that there will be a time when we will have so much in our hands.  It will not be wrong to say this, that no matter what your career is, you can easily find an Android app, which will prove to be much handy for you.

Are you a singer or you wish to sing? Yes, Android apps can help a singer too. You can record your own music, as many apps are available that let you sing your song. These apps can also help you to improve your singing and even record your own music.

Read them and learn how you can make use of them in your singing career:

1 – Karaoke A-GoGo

Even if you think that you have an amazing voice, tricky notes can still be hard to practice. For this purpose, the Karaoke A-GoGo app has been designed that can let you practice which ever song you wish to sing. You can play high quality MP3 files from your memory card too.  You can even sing along with your favorite song through the quick play mode.  It will be the sing along session.  You can play CDG karaoke as well as MP3 files with this app. That is what makes it special. Link

2 – Rec-Forge Free Audio Recorder

Initially, a singer starts with karaoke. If you are bored with it and you want to move to the next level of recording of your own single then RecForge Free can let you record your songs. You can record high quality MP3, WAV and OGG files with this app. You can even share your recording over the social networks and even upload them to cloud-service. You can also share them over Google Drive, Dropbox or even Bluetooth them.  You can convert your recording into different audio formats too. Link

3 – TuneWiki

TuneWiki is an app that can let you sing to the latest tunes. It will find lyrics for the latest songs.  There is a 40-languages translator available in the app. You can even share the lyrics with your friends. You can even find the latest songs via SongBox. It will let you create a new play list to edit and manage it according to your own requirements. Songs from the top charts can be searched from this tool as well. Link

4 – Vocal Ease

If you are preparing for some audition and you wish to warm up your vocal chords then vocal ease can enable you to get prepared for it.  It has a warm up exercise that can improve your vocal performance. Vocal exercises are much important when it comes to singing. This app has been specially designed by a professional vocalist Arnold McCuller. It can help you to attain the right pitch by warming up. The app also has instructions for improving the performance of the user. Link

5 – EasyBand Studio

Recording a song without music sounds a bit boring. Isn’t it? Well, if you had always wished to add a little music with your recording then EasyBand Studio is the perfect app to get. It can let you record your songs with musical instruments. The song can be build part by part. The app will let you manage the vocals as well as the music. You can drag the chords to your timeline and select any style and tempo. Moreover, if you want to hear the guitar only, you can mute other sounds and focus on one sound particularly. Hence, this app can easily allow you to create your very own brand music. Link

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