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5 Useful Android Apps for Students

Posted: May 25, 2014 at 3:43 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

Time has gone when students of college or university used to have a calculator for doing simpler or scientific calculations. The modern time has now come up with the latest technology. You can now see students using a variety of mobile phones for different purposes including talking to friends, enjoying multiple games, communication, getting information and doing lots of calculations at school.

What Can Make You Use Android Apps?

Many mobile companies have developed a range of mobiles with Android OS that meet the needs of today’s generations. Also, these Smartphone users love to increase the utility of Android Phones by using useful android apps especially School and College Students appreciate Useful Android Apps for Students.


VLC media player

If we, for example, talk about one famous Android app, VLC media player, it is actually a free and open source cross-stage interactive media player. It plays most interactive media records and in addition to that it supports discs, gadgets, and system streaming conventions. It is considered among useful Android apps for every student. link


iAndroid Quran

One more Android app, which I regard as the most useful app among many useful Android apps for every student is iAndroid Quran. It gives a simple and current approach to read the Quran on Android framework. Moreover, it offers a superb interface and numerous characteristics to make perusing Quran on Android gadgets more easily.  Moreover, there are various other features, which can be handy for students. One can read Arabic content on mechanisms that don’t back Arabic dialect. Furthermore, it has a powerful inquiry characteristic and has the ability to showcase Arabic content with interpretation or phonetic. link


Silent Camera

The Android apps do not come to an end here. Hardly a day passes when you don’t see any sight while you travel, and even when you are at school, college, or university.  The silent camera, among many others is believed to be one of the useful Android apps for every student studying in his or her respective institution.  You capture snaps of your choice either in any school, college or university function. Moreover, it can also be used in a wedding ceremony of your friends to capture memories. Hence, it is an amazing app without any doubt. link



Let me tell you about a Dropbox app which is a very useful app. What does it do? It actually keeps your tablet or phone in sync with your Dropbox all the times. Dropbox is a highly successful data cloud service which can be used on Mobile (through app), PC, laptop etc. Furthermore, it has instant upload feature for uploading to Dropbox immediately. It is among useful Android apps for every student since and it is very easy to set up. Apart from this, it guzzles no battery if there is no change identified and will not slow down to your phone either. link



Maps is no. 1 Map and navigation Android App for Android Phones and tablets. It covers more than 220 countries and detailed road maps and locations. GPS navigation, Street view, traffic situation and transit directions are few amazing new additions in this map (Such advance features are not available yet in all countries). link

Also seeWaze Social GPS Maps & Traffic Android App

To sum it up, I mentioned few Android apps for students (for others as well). I think there would be hardly any student who does not want to make these apps the part of his or her life. These apps not only give joy, pleasure, and comfort to students but also can be used for educational purposes. Apart from that, students can save and record some historical events to these apps. 

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Saran Khan is an Android fan and enthusiast. He loves Smartphones and Smartwatch. He loves Xbox and Play Station games and a huge fan of Survival Expert 'Bear Grylls'.

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