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5 Useful Cooking Android Apps for Chefs

Posted: April 2, 2014 at 6:01 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

Food is the basic need of human beings. We earn so that we could eat well and according to our taste. There is no point of spending money when it cannot serve good taste to your taste buds.

Many of the people do not care about whatever they are eating but for some people it is really important to eat well and with some good taste. In any case, the biggest responsibility lies on the shoulders of the chefs. The chef is required to be professional and intelligent enough to add some mouth-watering taste to your food. In many hotels, people do trust on the choices of the chefs and usually asks for the specialties that they prepare.

5 Cooking Apps for Chefs on Android


A perfect chef will always keep the variety in food and will always offer something new on its job. This attracts the customers a lot. Also, if you are working as chef somewhere then the owner feels satisfied with this quality of yours. Therefore, you must keep this practice going on. The easiest way to keep it by getting some of these very useful apps that will be very helpful in your career.

Take a look on these 5 Android Apps for Chefs:

1 – AlltheCooks 

Allthecooks Recipes Android

This useful app gets the recipes from everywhere and shares with you. You can get the recipe easily just by writing your ingredients and many of the recipes will appear in the search. You can also share your recipes here. This app is a great addition to fulfill your creativity. You can keep the favorite ingredients of your regular customers in mind and can search the recipes accordingly.

2 – Forkfuls

Forkfuls Android app

Are your customers the salsa lovers? If yes, then nothing comes better than having this app in your Android smartphone. This app will get you lots of Mexican recipes so that you can cook food with great taste in your kitchen. This way, you can surprise and amuse your Mexican food fan customers for sure. Not only them, you can make other customers asking for the Mexican food too because of the delicious taste of your food.

3 – African Recipes

African Recipe Android app

Your customers always ask for Chinese, Italian, American, Thai, and many other type of foods. Did someone ask for the African food ever? Certainly Not! You may also never thought of cooking that one. But now, you can offer them some very tasty African food – Think about African Diaspora, and Caribbean dishes in your restaurant. This app contains all the recipes in very simple language so that you can identify the ingredients easily. Just get this app today and make an amazing addition to your menu.

4 – Big Oven

Big Oven Android app

No matter in which country of the world you are serving as a chef, you can always get the innovative recipes from different chefs of the world. This app has got more than 250,000 recipes. You just have to keep this app in your smartphone to use it anywhere even when your internet is not connected. This smart app also tells you that how can you prepare something from the leftover ingredients – Much more to see in this Cooking Android App!

5 – Cheesecake Recipes

Cheesecake Recipes

Who does not like to have a cheesecake? Come on, it is everyone’s favorite so you must be smart enough to  bake any type of cheesecake that will surprise your customers. Get this app today and make it possible! In this Cooking app, you can find out the recipes like Strawberry cheesecake, chocolate cheesecake, no bake cheesecake recipes, and many more. There are even recipes with the low calories so that every age group of the customers can be served. This sounds amazing!

The above-mentioned Cooking apps (Android Apps for Chefs) are the finest ones for boosting the cooking career of any dedicated chef. Also, they are plateful enough to create any new menu card daily.

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