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5by Video App by StumbleUpon is Available on Android and iOS

Posted: February 4, 2014 at 2:06 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

StumbleUpon has done it – Something big, something surprising for sure – Youtube, vimeo and other video-playing and uploading websites might take hiccups because StumbleUpon has announced the release of 5by Android and iOS Apps. 5by was taken over by StumbleUpon in Sept. 2013 and now its a part of StumbleUpon. 

5by by StumbleUpon is a free video recommendation app available on Android and iOS for free – It was announced on Jan. 23, 2014 on StumbleUpon’s official blog. It has already started hitting the Android devices + iPhones.

StumbleUpon has been no. 1 website recommendation source for companies, bloggers, webmasters, businesses and starters who select their category in terms of interest to reach to the thousands of websites stumbling and reaching to the audience.


Image credit: StumbleUpon Inc.

Similarly 5by Video App is a new source of mobile videos finding – Now you don’t need to search videos anymore on your favorite video search engine and specifically on your Smartphone, StumbleUpon provides you 5by video app in which you can select your mood and interest to get recommended videos automatically on your wall, so it saves time, and time is money which you already know…

‘5by looks ready to turn to Next-Big-Thing’


Competition in the Market: 5by Video App by StumbleUpon

Its true 5by video app is going to set tough competition, and is expected to get good and positive response in the industry, because StumbleUpon is already a famous and huge name in Web and Internet space, and StumbleUpon comes in top 200 most visited websites of the world – So it is going to create a tough competition in the market.


Image credit: StumbleUpon Inc.

It doesn’t mean a youtube user who loves to use Youtube on Android or iPhone will turn to 5by – its not like that, but one thing is sure, people are going to try this, and even they have started trying…

Competition and market share threat isn’t limited to Youtube and Vimeo as far as mobile traffic is concerned, Instagram and Vine can also come in this effected radius – Not for sure about Instagram because Instagram’s huge popularity belongs to Picture sharing where as Vine’s specialty is short-video sharing.

Vine is the one who actually needs to start thinking – StumbleUpon’s 5by might be another big Smartphone app in upcoming months, its in the starting phase yet, people will come to know with the passage of time, may be its going to take few weeks, StumbleUpon might advertise this app through various advertising channels, and people will start using, and later if they like, personal recommendations and referral from peer-to-peer would be another edge for this type of app. Lets see what happens… link


Image credit: StumbleUpon Inc.

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