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6 Android Apps Every Android User Should Install

Posted: December 30, 2013 at 1:19 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

Android Apps are important nowadays – We need them to make our Android Smartphones more efficient and useful. Selection of Android Apps from the pool of around 1 million Android apps isn’t less than an art.

So I thought to help you guys out in picking up some Amazing and useful Android Apps which I have personally experienced and still installed on my Android Phone.

What you think what type of Android Apps an average person should install? Obviously most of us love Free Android Apps, they are easy to download and use, most of them are publically famous and we get lots of reviews of users who are using those apps or have used in the past – So we get the idea of most of the free android apps on google play.

Well, installing of Android App isn’t a big issue – If you are using wifi on your PC and Smartphone at the same time and at the same place then you can simply install Android app from your PC and it will be installed on your Android phone (Make sure you are using same wifi-connection on both devices).

I think the most important thing an app should deliver is that it’s reliability – Make sure you read the reviews of people who have already used the app you are going to install. After confirming the reliability you can hope that this Android App will be okay and work fine on your Android Phone.

My collection of 6 Android Apps comprises of different types of Android Apps which most of the people in society need – People need to know news, they need to chat and communicate on Facebook, they need to search and browse websites on Android phone, they need social interaction and professionals would love to manage some of the office work on their Android phone.

6 Android Apps Every Android User Should Install



Pixer is an outstanding Android app – It is developed by Friskylabs, Inc. This cool Android App is related to social interaction and of course it is social media Android app.

It’s a picture-sharing community where you can upload your pictures – Make people able to see and rate your pictures, they come to your pictures, and then they can pass or like your photo – Obviously more likes mean more popularity.


Photo credit: Friskylabs, Inc.

What I like about this Social Media Android App is, it’s totally a new idea – Unlike Pinterest and Photos (G+ Photos) Android Apps which are pictures sharing communities and they aren’t that much attractive despite the fact they have massive user base. Download

LinkedIn Pulse

Pulse by LinkedIn is a news reader Android App – It’s probably the best news reader Android App on Google play. I tried couple of more Android Apps for reading the subscribed blogs but those Apps didn’t work fine for me.


Photo credit: Alphonso Labs

But I’m happy with Pulse by LinkedIn Android app, it’s still on my Android Phone. It has an easy interface, and its ability to add a big list of websites through RSS feed makes this Android App amazing. Download

Facebook Messenger

You must be an active Facebook user – Facebook has more than 1 billion users around the globe and most of them get online every day on Facebook through PC, Laptop, Smartphone, Tablets and Kindle (may be).


Photo credit: Facebook

Facebook Messenger Android App provides you the chance to talk to your facebook friends without going to facebook – It’s a cool Facebook messaging and chatting Android App for Android app. Download

Firefox Browser for Android

I Love Firefox – Firefox is a world famous Web browser from Mozilla. Firefox Browser for Android is one of the most downloaded and used Android Apps – it’s pretty awesome and successful Android App.


Photo credit: Mozilla

I like Mozilla Firefox and use on my PC and Laptop as well – Actually on my Android phone too. I always recommend people who ask me about Android Phone web browser. Mini Opera is good, but I prefer Firefox Browser for Android. Download

Facebook Pages Manager

This is kind of awesome thing – Do you have your own Facebook page? I don’t mean any specific thousands of followers Facebook page!


Photo credit: Facebook

I mean to say is, any type of your personal or professional Facebook page, most of the people have their Facebook pages – You might start your Business soon and need Facebook to promote your business, then you would make your Facebook page and try to promote it through different ways – Why don’t you start your own facebook page – Use Facebook page manager to get in-depth stats and page management fact and figures. Download


Quickoffice comes at the end – It’s from Google Inc. and this is an awesome Android App as well. Thousands of people have tried this Android App and found it quite interesting. Why don’t you start managing your necessary files at home through your Android phone. Download


Photo credit: Google Inc.

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