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6 Best Simulation Games to Play on Android

Posted: February 4, 2014 at 5:47 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

Nowadays Smartphones are in the hands of everyone. People love to play games, they download different games and play for hours. The categories of these games are endless. Similarly business sort of games are also very popular among Android players.

It sounds funny to play the games, in which you run some business or have a theme of business. It gives more excitement in playing with the players. The players have to accomplish the task and jump on to the next level, which makes players addicted to the game.

6 Best Simulation Games to Play on Android

Some of the catchy and the most downloaded games are:

1 – Farm Story

From the name, it seems like game is about some village kind of environment. Well, it is something like that, where you can grow different plants of fruits, vegetables, flowers, etc. You can visit your neighbors.

Farm Story

You can have the decorations on your farm. You can get the fish and animals, and can trade them too. The game is for free and very simple. So get it today! link

2 – Bakery Story

Everyone likes to have the bakery items and we know that it takes lots of skills to be a baker. Have you ever wished to be a baker but could not succeed? No worries now, as your dream can still come true and you can even have your own bakery right in this Bakery Story.

Bakery Story android

You can design and decorate your own bakery. Make delicious items and amuse your customers. You can invite your friends, share your recipes with them, and show off your bakery to them. So, create your own name in this business and be on the top in this bakery business. link

3 – City Island

What if you do not have your own buildings yet? You can still enjoy having many of them in this City Island Android game. You can build your own city, construct, and design the houses to sell them. Also, you can do jobs for the citizen, serve them and make money out of the happy citizens.

City Island for android

You can also build parks, schools, churches, airports, museums, libraries, and many more things to make your citizens smile. link

4 – Wedding Dash

Launch your own event management business and help the brides and grooms in fulfilling their dream wedding. This thing is only possible in Android for sure. You can do the simple weddings and the ballroom receptions.

Wedding Dash android

Moreover, you can also make the guests happy by arranging their seats as per their request. Thus, show that how brilliant you are by arranging the perfect wedding. link

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5 – Pet Shop Story

If you are a pet lover then you must have this game to create your own pet shop. In this game, you can have your breeding of pets and can sell them too.

Pet Shop Story

There are some of the levels that you have to meet to earn more points. Collect the cutest puppies, kittens, chicks, and others to make your shop look unique. Share your pets with your friends and make them your neighbors. link

6 – Transport Tycoon

Create your own transport company and use your management and engineering skills to run it. Thus, now you can build your own transport world. You can have cars, air vehicles, sea vehicles, and much more in your transport world.

It is a very entertaining game that will engage you for hours. You can enjoy your dream business by developing new transport facilities like trains, buses, taxi, etc. in a busy city. This game has so many real world scenarios and landscapes too. link

Transport Tycoon

In nutshell, the range of games is enough to capture your attention for hours and you can simply enjoy your time while playing these games on your Android Smartphone.

Note: Trademarks/Names and Images are property of their respective owners. All Apps are mentioned with Google play links for Readers assistance only. We aren’t maker/designer/developer of any App/image whatsoever.

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