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7 Best Ice Cream Games on Android

Posted: April 18, 2014 at 3:53 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

Ice cream is the most favorite dessert of everyone. From youngsters to the older ones, everyone screams for it. These days, you find so many flavors of it. So many companies and ice cream parlors are now opened, which introduce so many different colors, designs, and flavors of ice cream.

The demand of ice cream has been like never ending.  People even like to eat it in extreme winter. Thus, there is no rule that you only have to eat it in normal/summer weather. Therefore, ice cream is an essential thing to have whatever the place or occasion it is.

Today we live in the Smartphone world where different Apps and Games are making our lives entertaining, helpful and engaged – As far as Ice Cream is concerned, there are few best games on Ice Cream Making to enjoy for Ice Cream fans – Yes, now you can also enjoy the ice cream games in your Android phone.  Some of the very famous games are:

1 – Ice Cream Kids


Are you feeling like summer? If yes then refresh yourself with this ice cream game. In this game, you can make your own amazing ice cream designs, flavors, etc. and can present them with lovely decorations. You can make the ice cream and can serve it in cupcakes, cones, biscuits, plates, and bowls. Add the waffles, fruits, crumbs, and nuts to it. You can even save these ice creams in your gallery and later show it to your friends.

2 – Ice Cream Jump


How it would look like when you can see your ice cream jumping from here to there? This is humorous, really. Let’s try it out by playing this game. In the Ice cream jump game, the ice cream scoop will have to jump higher and have to dodge the dirty flies from sticking to it. The ice cream has to catch the good things for increasing its score. It can be played with the friends too to find out that who can play the best.

3 – Ice Cream Now Cooking game


The kids are going to love this game. In this game, they can make their own ice creams along with cream cakes. The kids will love to play it, and they can add flavors, they want.

4 – Ice Cream Sandwich


It is a new and fun game in which you have to move your phone and run from here to there. It will support any of your Android smartphone easily. Just make sure about running like this ice cream sandwich without dropping anywhere.

5 – Ice Cream Salon


In this game, you are going to help the salon owner in making some very delicious ice cream desserts. All the ingredients are present in the kitchen, and you only have to follow your recipe. So get this game and prepare some amazing tasty desserts.

6 – Design Ice Cream Shop


What you will do if you get a chance to design and set up an ice cream shop? Try out your fantasy in this Design Ice cream shop game and show that what you have in mind. You can set the shop with furniture, toys, themes, etc. as in this game, you can design 4 types of shop. You can create your own stuff and sell it, that way you will get additional cash. This game is for everyone from any age group.

7 – Ice Cream Maker


You can produce your own ice cream designs and flavors by mixing more than 2 ice creams. There are 16 scoops of ice cream in this game along with 12 flavors of sundaes and different toppings. You can also eat it after preparing it. Make and share it with the friends on Twitter and Facebook.

It looks like the ultimate fun to have these ice cream games on the phone and enjoy making few very unique ice cream styles.

Note: Trademarks/Names and Images are property of their respective owners. All Apps/Games are mentioned with Google play links for Readers assistance only. We aren’t makers/designers of any App/image whatsoever.

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