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7 Branding Mistakes that Make Customers Smile (And Run Away)

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People love their favorite brands, that’s why business management students are taught about loyalty of customers and customer satisfaction.

Everyone makes choices. Our daily life is full of loyalty and brands, from peanut butter and cheese brand to News Channels at night, Coffee brand to Car’s company, we live and defend our choice s everyday without noticing it.

When did you try to convince your colleague about the Smartphone brand you’re using?

Yesterday? Uggg… see we live and dwell with brands on this planet.

Brands are smart. Most of them, actually their Marketing Executives and Managers are real smart brains who develop stinging strategies through various marketing and promotional channels to get your attention (everyday)…

If you’re about to launch your own startup, then it’s important for you

to know ‘How to Build a Brand that Matters’ to people – Brands do gimmick stunts, and sometimes it works for them, and their smartness actually covers up for them…

But, in some cases things get worse… Take a look on the local garments brand who tried its luck + smartness to actually cash the worth and brand value…



Result: Embarrassment

Customers aren’t fool – they are surely going to notice about the price, quality and product you’re offering and somehow trying to make certain type of customers fool…

Branding is about creativity, newness, creating and showing a perspective to the world. It involves great name, attractive logo, sophisticated identity campaign, pamphlets, business cards, flyers and much more promotional items occasionally…


7 Branding Mistakes that Make Customers Smile (And Run Away)


I thought to share few branding mistakes that (Some) brands do, and they have to improve these areas by avoiding such mistakes:

#1 – Imitating the Top Brands

I don’t like this. Many people (customers) would hate it. Never try to copy any successful competitor or big brand just to make customers feel no difference between both of the products (Yours and Others’)…

Customers aren’t fool. So, don’t try to take them as fools. Many of them might laugh on such strategies – If you are pursuing success, and looking for quick sales, it’s not the way or it doesn’t justify that you imitate a top brand just to recover your investment, and follow the filthy tricks…

Never ever!

#2 – 1 on 3 Offer 

(Buy 3, Get 1 Free)

Customers don’t want the product, if they don’t need it – If they need the product, and you’re the quality seller they are looking for, they will buy even if you’re selling normally – Like a single entity/piece (without any 1 on 3 offer)…

In most of the cases customers don’t rush towards such offers – Such offers are meant to attract the customers towards the products which aren’t getting good amount of sales.

#3 – Announcing ‘Up to’ Sales

I always look on the Sale banners – Summer Sales, Winter Sale and Off Season Sale are different type of Sales a brand or retailer sees during a year – Whenever I come across any Sale or discount offer saying SALE SALE SALE … I try to get little slower to find the tricky part “Up to”…

Grow Up!

Why you fool customers by writing 80% Off and somewhere on the banner a little tiny evil part ‘Up to’ Smiles and sees me… and Says… “What the F***… Fool”

Guess what, customers see those 70% Off and 80% Off banners and posters, and rush towards the door (for going inside obviously)…

When they start scanning the prices, and they don’t find probably more than 20% discount on any product…

If you just ask ‘where is 80% discount stuff’, you might get the answer that 80% products at this time are under Sale… and then probably a question ‘Respected customer don’t you know the meaning of ‘Up to’?

#4 – Using Someone’s Shoulder

If you think you can utilize someone’s weakness or just to laugh on someone’s strategy and you would impress others, believe it or not, you might be taken as devil or a Red Devil…

Majority of people want sophistication, decency, truth and politeness – You never going to be accepted by just keep on using someone’s weakness or reference to build your own identity.

#5 – Inappropriate Name and Logo

Few things are just in your hand – Well, you have a full right to ruin your brand’s position and identity – Think for one second, what if someone doesn’t like your Name or Logo, obviously you can’t make everyone your fan – there is always some criticism and disliking, but majority is authority…

So if someone does like it, he’ll always discuss and highlight that he doesn’t like the logo or name – Or he would make your brand’s name and logo a sign of dissatisfaction, lack of professionalism, scarcity of sense and absence of creativity… You won’t be worry if you get 10 fans and just a one person who dislikes it.

Imagine if majority goes against you – it means something is wrong on your side.

#6 – Lack of Design Strategy

Branding can’t be completed with a professional appearance of the brand – Besides my personal grievance against ‘Up to’ and ‘1 on 3 Free’ trap strategies, I want brands and startups to design their identity material perfectly.

It makes an impact. A classic, touchy and appealing Logo, Name, Color Scheme and overall graphic design of all product packaging, brochures, pamphlets and websites will take you closer to the situation where you can easily impress your prospects and potential customers.

Believe it or not – Customers won’t test your product, if they don’t like the appearance of your packaging, Logo and Name…

#7 – Don’t Publicize Care – Just do it

You might find brands with slogans about caring the customers, love for customers, etc – Saying isn’t enough, prove it, do it or at least don’t show off…

Of course there is no question about it – Brands must be taking care of their customers and prospects, just pretending and not doing something special would create a negative impression or probably it adds expectation in customer’s mind.

It would be a branding mistake if a brand keeps on shouting about caring the customers, and keeping the prices higher than the competition, then customers won’t even smile, but simply walk away…

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