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Amazon to Launch Android-based Gaming Console [Rumour, Release date and Specifications]

Posted: August 10, 2013 at 6:08 pm   /   by   /   comments (1)

Amazon Android gaming console has been heard among tech-experts and rumours have already started leaking into the tech industry and tech geeks are looking to find much more about Amazon Android gaming console.

It is not very strange thing to find out as Amazon is world no. 1 e-seller and e-store and biggest platform for e-books selling. Amazon has already produced Kindle and Kindle Fire e-book reader devices, which have been widely accepted and currently famous among e-books fans and e-books readers.


Now news are coming that Amazon might release Android Gaming Console. Amazon has experience of developing digital products and Success of Kindle products development is the example of that, and now if Amazon brings Android Gaming console, then it can be a big hit, there are many reasons for the expected success of that Amazon Android gaming console, but two of most solid reasons are following:

Android based Gaming Console

Android OS is one of the most successful and well known Mobile OS by Google. According to an estimate more than 75% of the Smartphones are Android based. Now many tech giants are working on the Android gaming console. Google itself making an Android based gaming console according to rumours, where as Microsoft and Sony are rivals in the gaming console industry and Nvidia recently launched Nvidia Shied which is an Android based gaming console.

Amazon’s big selling platform

Amazon is itself one of the biggest selling platforms and one of the major digital and electronic goods retailers. Amazon would be lucky and happy to sell its own Amazon Android Gaming console. Amazon’s store would be a big edge for its new upcoming ventures and products, and this anticipated Amazon Android Gaming console is the example of such ventures.

Release date and specification will be updated on as it will be revealed from Amazon.

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