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Android 4.1 Update available for AT&T Samsung Galaxy Tab 2

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Android 4.1 Update has been arrived for AT&T Samsung Galaxy Tab 2. Recently AT&T updated users on its consumer blog and many AT&T Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 users will be happy after getting this news.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 has been one of the successful Android based tablets of Samsung which has been famous for its innovation in the past. The Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 was an upgraded version of Samsung Galaxy Tab tablet.

On June 27, 2013 this news came on the social media and internet and Samsung’s association with Android looked to become stronger as both brands coordination and combination has been one of the exemplary deals of the recent past.

AT&T Samsung Galaxy Tab 2

The Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 is an outstanding 7-inch Android tablet from Samsung. Samsung Electronics is one of the most famous and successful Smartphone and other mobile manufacturers in the world. Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 is an upgraded version of Samsung Galaxy Tab from Samsung Galaxy Tab series. This series also includes another model which is a 10.1-inch model, the Galaxy Tab 2 (10.1). Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 was launched in the United States on 22 April 2012.


Now AT&T Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 users are good to go to update their Android 4.0 Ice cream sandwich version to Jelly Bean 4.1. Android 4.1 update would be an amazing experience for AT&T Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 users. Now Samsung and Android make AT&T Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 easier to use for the users. AT&T provided a great opportunity in the beginning for many users to provide this tablet in an easy way and made possible to access and own world’s coolest Android based tablet from Samsung.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2

Now Android 4.1 Update for AT&T Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 users and owners makes them more comfortable because after this updating, their AT&T Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 will be more enhanced and they [AT&T Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 Users] will be seeing an entirely new interface with more enhanced and improved technology and upgrades.


Amazing notification display, more clarity on the desktop, different notifications ease, notification shortcuts will help to move forward directly. Now it becomes easier to AT&T Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 users to use their tablet device after this update. Resizing widgets and movement make Android 4.1 experience more outstanding. Such updates are the features and value added enhancements to any brand and top brands like Google’s Android and Smartphone big giant Samsung are famous for providing continuous chances for users to experience innovation and different newness in their products which make customers happy and attract old brands customers to jump to the Android. iOS users might think a big variety of Android apps and Android based Smartphones. HTC, Samsung, LG and Sony are the leaders of Android Smartphones and there are many other domestic and nationwide Android Smartphone manufacturers which operate in many countries of the world.

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