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Android OS dominates in Chinese and Australian Smart phone Markets

Posted: June 11, 2013 at 10:07 am   /   by   /   comments (1)

Android has been one of the ruling forces as far as smart phone operating system, new technology and new Smart phones are concerned. Google’s Mobile phone operating system Android has become a dominating mobile OS in the world and fastly gaining a huge market share in two major markets of technology and innovation which are China and Australia.

According to some media news on the social media Android usage has been drastically increasing and every quarter since last 2011 comes with the larger market share for Android based Smart phones in Australian Market. Australia is a big tech-lovers market in the world, from latest smart phones to laptops, cars to bikes, TV to Gaming Box, everything comes to Australian market before Asia, Africa, Middle east and Europe.

Whenever Android’s progress and market share is discussed, it looks incomplete without talking about Android’s biggest competition on the planet earth which Apple’s iOS. You might have heard famous rivalry of two brands Samsung vs Apple, on the tech blogs and might have seen some images showing Android vs Apple pictures and cartoons, it definitely depicts the market rivalry Samsung and Apple have made in the recent 2 years when Samsung emerged in the Smart phone market and revolutionized the Android OS with new and high-tech Smart phones and showed a direct competition and threat to the market of iPhone.

Microsoft’s mobile operating system Windows Phone is another player in the market and currently we see Nokia Lumia series of Windows Phone in the smart phone market of the world against Samsung Android Smart phones and Apple’s iPhone smart phones. Windows Phone OS market share considers 4 to 5% hardly in major countries like China, Australia and even in USA. BlackBerry has also entered into the market with its own BlackBerry OS on the Smart phones like BlackBerry Z10 and few more; still they have a long way just like Windows Phone to grab a respectable market share of the global Smart phone users in order to get respect.


Android Picture Courtesy: Android/Google

Android is considered one of the most emerging and highly used mobile OS technologies in Europe and Asia. In Europe, Great Britain, Germany, France and Spain are top markets of Android Smart phones.

According to surveys and estimates (which might be slightly different from the exact percentage) Android covers almost 69% of the global smart phone market and it has been shifted from 60% to 69% where as Apple’s iOS covers 18% of the smart phones market of the world.

The best thing about Android is, it is getting success and increase in the market share in the world’s leading and top economies like China and USA. Android might have covered 69.6% smart phones market share according to an estimate.

In Australia Android might be covering more or less 57% of the Smart phones market place and growing rapidly which is a big plus for Android and Mobile manufacturers who are using Android OS for their smart phones as Operating systems and Samsung would be on top in that list.


Android Picture Courtesy: Android/Google

In Australia, Apple’s iOS (iPhone) has a big market as compared to China, iOS covers 28.1% market share, though it dropped from 30% but still it has a market share in the major tech market of the world.

Samsung’s smart phones actually helped Android in getting so popular and famous in all the regions of the world and especially in the Asia-Pacific region that covers South Asia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Japan, Australia, Korea, Singapore and China.

Year 2012 and first half of 2013 remained good for Smart phone business. Samsung earned well in the major markets of the world, iPhone 5 released, Samsung Galaxy S3 and Samsung Galaxy S4 came to the scene and became huge hit. Now after Samsung Galaxy S4 released from Samsung Android latest phone, eyes are on the rumours about iPhone 5S release date.

Android Picture Courtesy: Android/Google

Android Picture Courtesy: Android/Google

China turned out to be profitable and big market for Android OS. Huge and populated Chinese market accepted Android Smart phones and smart phones fever worked similarly it worked in the American and European region in last 2 years. Australia and China are two smart phones and technology mad countries and this behaviour gives the signal to the tech-investors about entering and do more planning specifically for these two markets.

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