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Android Trojan troubles Android Users

Posted: June 12, 2013 at 7:27 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

A Trojan virus for Android has been seen on the internet news and social media discussions and some websites and blogs also started taking notice of this Android Trojan virus. There are many security apps for Android phones by famous and well Antivirus companies and users use those antivirus apps on their Android phones but some virus even on computer makes trouble and install with the download or installation and some corrupt softwares welcome Trojans and activate them due to the corrupt files.

It has been studied after a reasonable research on the Android OS and Android Trojans that famous Antivirus company Kaspersky identified ‘Backdoor.AndroidOS.Obad.a’ Antivirus in Android OS. This unknown Android Trojan virus can trigger many different problems on your smart phone, from unkown sms sending to data deletion, data movement from Bluetooth to remotely accessible connection, it has many negative effects to deal with and every Android user will avoid problems.

Android Trojan virus

It is always said that never try unknown and unknown publisher’s free apps, nobody knows how it works and what effects it will generate after installation. This Obad Android Trojan virus works hidden on your Android phone and takes the advantage of unclear loop holes in the Android OS which an average Android user doesn’t know.

The need is to bring more updated and more secure Android 4.3 version now. People have important data on their smart phones, sometimes people keep important photos of family gathering, picnics, marriages and other ceremonies on their smart phones and if some Trojan comes to the Android phone and disturbs the whole data of SD card then how will you protect your data and important files.

Android Trojan

Imagine the scary scene, you have some important files on your Android phone and Trojans makes trouble on your Android phone and you need to open and check those files from your Android phone next day in your office, how you will react if something important lost? What if people think you did not see or saved the file properly? Its about impression and level of maturity that you should keep important data and files save on your smart phone, laptop and email. Even, it wasn’t your fault, the Trojan did its job. Dont let Trojan spoil your day and many important data files on the smart phone. You might not be able to save your Android phone 100% from Android Trojan virus but you can keep few suggestions in the mind to save your smart phone from such terrible virus.

Suggestions to Consider to Avoid Android Trojan virus

– Don’t install less reviews or less downloaded on the Google play unless you know the publisher very well.

– Don’t try to test each and every new free Android App on Google play.

– Don’t install too many Android Apps on each day.

– Downloading and installing many Android apps would slow the wifi connection and you will never be able to complete the download and installation tasks.

– Use premium or most recommended free Android apps.

– Don’t install Android app if you don’t need that Android app or you don’t know about it.

– Always install free Android apps from famous and big companies like Google, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter.

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