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Angry Birds Android Game Updated on 4th Anniversary

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Angry Birds Android game has been one of the all-time favorite Android games on Google Play. Angry Birds was launched in 2009 by Rovio Mobile, a company based in Espoo, Finland. Initially Angry Birds game was launched for iOS.

Initial release on iOS became huge hit when millions of purchases were seen within few days and later on Rovio Mobile got serious about launching the other mobile operating system versions – After that Angry Birds for Android, Windows Phones version and Symbian were released.

Angry Birds Anniversary

Angry Birds was released in December 2009, so this December Angry Birds team celebrated 4th Anniversary of Angry Birds game – Journey of Angry Birds has been fantastic so far and millions of fans and Angry Birds lovers actually believe Angry Birds journey and success will go longer.

Update of Angry Birds Android Game

On December 11, 2013 Angry Birds Android game was updated on Google play and new updated version looks more amazing – bit of changes around the corner might be seen with improved graphics in this updated version.

Angry Birds Android game version 4.0 was released on 4th Anniversary – Angry Birds has more than 10 parts (stories) to play on Android, iOS and Windows Phone – Latest version of Angry Birds Android game has been amazing so far.


Photo credit: Rovio Mobile

Inside Angry Birds (Latest Update)

Now Angry Birds have to defend their skills, dignity and life against pigs that have challenged them and stolen their eggs – this certainly means a war and attack has been done from greedy pigs that never thought about the life inside the eggs – Angry Birds will be ready to defend their honor and dignity.

Angry Birds will have more amazing powers to fight – Sling laser to defend and attack against pig enemies, A killer King Sling maximum power, Super Seeds to turn Angry birds bigger and Birdquake to shake pigs’ and break their focus against Angry Birds, will be used in defense.


Photo credit: Rovio Mobile

Pigs will be there waiting for Angry Birds to come and fight with them – Make your Angry Birds ready in this updated version of Angry Birds right on your Android Smartphone.

Quarrel will never be a simple one – it will be a war!

Use of skills, energy and force from Angry Birds will make them huge and famous (They are exactly famous for such things)

Many levels of Angry Birds will be waiting – Every level of Angry Birds in this latest updated version, pigs and new hurdles will be more powerful, stronger and dangerous than ever – Angry Birds have to survive, they have to live – they have to fight – War will be in your hands right on your Android Smartphone.

Angry Birds ‘Anniversary and War’ together

Angry Birds’ defense on the ground and sky would be the biggest challenge in this war against ‘sneaky and greedy pigs.  Angry Birds 4.0.0 version is a Birthday Party episode with 15 new stages, but story is quite heated.

Angry Birds have been pushed to defend themselves on their 4th Anniversary – They have to win this war on 4th birthday.

Let the war begin – Angry Birds are ready!

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