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Angry Birds Go’ Released for Android

Posted: December 19, 2013 at 7:05 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

Angry Birds Go’ is another chapter of excitement, fun, competition and thriller – A new and more sizzling Angry Birds game has been released from Rovio Entertainment Ltd. which is famous for Angry Birds games for Android and iPhone.

Initially Rovio Entertainment started with the Angry Birds just for iPhone in 2009, but Angry Birds blasted the itunes store and made Rovio convinced to go for other smartphone operating systems – Later on Angry Birds for Android released and now there are many different versions (stories) have been released on iOS and Android.

Not only Android and iOS but now Angry Birds have gone to Windows Phone Store and BlackBerry World as well – So you will be able to play Angry Birds on any type of modern day Smartphone.


Photo Credit: Rovio Entertainment Ltd.

Angry Birds Go

Most recent release from Angry Birds house is its new Angry Birds game which is more amazing and with the racing concept in the story – As we have seen Pigs stole Angry Birds eggs in the previous free version of Angry Birds’ and they (Angry Birds) have been pushed to war against pigs for their defend and survival.

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Now Angry Birds have to race on the track on the piggy island – It’s a whole new story and concept – Angry Birds have been challenged on a downhill race track, whereas piggy island will be making problems and hurdles for you down the track.


Photo Credit: Rovio Entertainment Ltd.

No Mercy – you’ll be moving down like a bullet and piggies will be there to see you failing during the race – Don’t lose and never try to escape from this race.

This Angry Birds Go’ racing Angry Birds game will be full of thriller and sizzle – Lots of twists and turns will be waiting for you on the track – your wheels have to be rolling down fast in this challenging race until you reach the finish line to win this race.


Photo Credit: Rovio Entertainment Ltd.

What’s Amazing in Angry Birds Go?

  • You will be able to upgrade your Angry Birds car to Supercar with powers and changing the ride.
  • Angry Birds Go’ consists of 3D World Atmosphere for the first time in Angry Birds Series – which will open a whole new world for you.
  • Piggy Island also turned to 3D and interactive way in this game to make Angry Birds Go’ more interesting and like-able.
  • A number of amazing race tracks, stages, and hurdles make this game interesting and worth to try on your Android phone.
  • Amazing powers’ included in this game for Angry Birds character.
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