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Babylon Translator for Android: A Comprehensive Dictionary

Posted: June 6, 2014 at 11:43 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

A dictionary in your PC has always been considered important and necessary. Heavy dictionaries in hardcopy form look to vanish now, and tech savvy, youngsters, students and PC users of all ages try to use different dictionaries on their computers. Now Smartphones are taking PC and laptop’s place in our lives, that’s why Babylon Translator for Android has been a vital Android dictionary app for everyone.

Have you seen Babylon dictionary back in high school? Did you use Babylon dictionary on your Windows XP and Windows 7?

Well, you might be using latest free version of Babylon dictionary on your Windows 8, as Babylon is one of the major digital dictionary (software) producers in the world. Now it’s time to turn your Android Smartphone into much more useful gadget in your daily life business.

Working & Features: Babylon Translator for Android

Babylon Translator for Android‘ is a fantastic and useful dictionary app available on Google Play to be used on Android Phones and tablets. It’s easy to use and totally free. One of the amazing features of Babylon Translator is, it can be used in various platforms like browsers, apps and emails.


Image credit: Babylon

Babylon Translator for Android has two modules to be utilized by users – Terms and Text.

In terms section’ you’ll be able to find meanings of various words by just entering the words in the box of Babylon Translator. In text section’ of Babylon Translator, you’ll paste the content/words in the box, and Babylon Translator will try to provide you detailed and in-depth meanings, references, explanation and pronunciation of the word/words you have written in the queue box.


Image credit: Babylon

Another amazing feature of Babylon Translator is Language detection – It reminds me of Google Translate, but it’s pretty decent option for many of the users. Users aren’t always the same. They have different levels of understanding, approach and caliber, so such features that create ease for users are always helpful and must be appreciated.

Babylon Translator for Android: Download from Google Play

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