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Battlefield 4 beta is live – Battlefield 4 to be released on October 29, 2013

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Battlefield 4 beta version has been made online and ‘Exclusive Battlefield 4 Beta‘ will be available for eligible users in origin account in ‘my games’ section.

According to the battlefield website update, battlefield users can enjoy Exclusive Battlefield 4 Beta on PC after accessing the game through Origin client. If you don’t see Battlefield 4 beta in your origin account, then it might be reached to you on October 04, 2013.


Battlefield 4 beta gives Battlefield fans a chance to test the game, see the quality, and get ready for the full version for their gaming consoles like Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. If you have plan to buy Xbox One or PlayStation 4 then your Battlefield 4 experience would be huge. Battlefield 4 would be released on October 29, 2013.

Battlefield 4 beta is obviously a testing-phase product to test the quality, functionality and to provide awaiting gaming fans and Battlefield 4 lovers more awareness about the game. Gamers around the world have already started playing and experiencing the Battlefield 4 beta edition through Origin client.


How to access Battlefield 4 beta?

Battlefield website has given all the details about ‘how to access Battlefield 4 beta’ through origin. It would be made available for [eligible] PC users initially and later on after Oct. 04, 2013 it would be available for everyone to download and try.

PlayStation 3 Users and Battlefield 4 beta

PlayStation 3 users can enjoy Battlefield 4 beta version by downloading this game through Playstation store. Battlefield 4 beta for PlayStation 3 will be available on Oct. 04, 2013. Find the Battlefield 4 beta by searching Battlefield 4 and then download the game.


Xbox 360 and Battlefield 4 beta

Xbox 360 users can access Battlefield 4 beta version through Xbox live. Go to the games section through Xbox Dashboard, and then you will find Battlefield 4 beta image if you already have ‘Battlefield 3’ or ‘medal of honor warfighter’ in your account.

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