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BBM for Android & iOS to bring Voice Calling

Posted: February 16, 2014 at 1:20 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

Great news for BBM lovers – Already left using BBM? Little jealous of WhatsApp and Viber? Thats look to over now, because BBM has been updated and BlackBerry brings you one of the most amazing updates for BBM. Its right… BBM 2.0 adds a huge boost to BBM utility and functionality.

BBM might be seeing in the eyes of Viber, Line and WhatsApp now – Viber is now owned by Japanese E-commerce giant Rakuten, as it was recently sold from Israeli Entrepreneur to Japanese Billionaire.

Thanks to BlackBerry for letting us know through its official blog. I know some personal contacts (Friends) who are huge fans of BBM, and never got a chance to use it much due to overwhelming demand of Viber and WhatsApp. BBM might get a huge boost due to some territorial restrictions for Viber and related Apps – We have seen some calling restrictions in Saudia Arabia and other Gulf States, but its another angle of the story, but BBM isn’t a new player in the field.

If you just bought an iPhone or Android Smartphone, then you might have never seen or heard about BBM, but BlackBerry users know BBM since long ago.


Image/logo credit: BlackBerry

Free Calling Feature on BBM

BBM might be getting a lot of attention and popularity – I know you might be thinking, we already know BBM, so how it is going to get more popularity, so answer is, Android has found many new emerging markets, more than billion Android phones have been activated, so still there is a lot of space left to be filled – People are still there who don’t know about BBM, and now they will find out soon about an alternative of Viber and WhatsApp.


Image credit: BlackBerry

Little change in the user behavior about Viber might be seen as it has been sold out to another hand – Rakuten might need to bring something extra, something cool and something glittering, they have to do it very soon, before Viber users get frustrated after listening about the brand acquisition.

Rakuten has got a good chance to take its investment on Viber to another level by bringing something new – BBM update and latest edition would be another big challenge for Viber now. BBM responded quite well by bringing Free calling feature + some more additions for Android and iOS versions.

Let’s see how BBM goes after such interactive, useful and more social features addition!

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