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BlackBerry 10.2 Update to Support Android Jelly Bean Apps

Posted: June 16, 2013 at 4:58 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

Big news for BlackBerry users and BB OS fans is that an upcoming BlackBerry OS update which is called BlackBerry 10.2 will allow Android Jelly Bean Apps to be installed on the BlackBerry devices. BlackBerry OS is one of the known and accepted Operating systems in the smartphone world.

BlackBerry users and Android fans would be surprised with the update as BlackBerry developer blog recently revealed this update news. This might be a new way out for BlackBerry to shine and to explore more.

BlackBerry OS users might have felt little isolation like Windows Phone users, although, both BlackBerry OS and Windows Phone users are increasing but pace does not look like Android’s OS. So this type of updates as BlackBerry all set to roll out in the future release of BlackBerry OS 10.2 which will make Android Jelly Bean Apps useable for BlackBerry users, will certainly help BlackBerry to retain and improve users base. It is a good and positive sign for BlackBerry users who love Android and always wished to use Android Apps on their BlackBerry phones.


Why BlackBerry decided to make Android Jelly Bean Apps compatible?

Have you thought something like this? Have you ever imagined that you will be installing Android apps on your BlackBerry OS based BlackBerry Smartphone? BlackBerry 10.2 update will make this possible.

This is certainly a big step from BlackBerry which even Windows Phone and iOS makers never imagined and planned and they might never do this because it might hurt their own market and ego.


BlackBerry took a big and bold step to make their next BlackBerry OS update which will make BlackBerry compatible to install Android Jelly Bean Apps. One of the reasons of this update would be, BlackBerry will never want that its user sell out BlackBerry smartphone and start using Android phone of any other brand like Sony, Samsung or LG.

It’s quite smart and sharp step from BlackBerry to accept Android’s popularity and to make Android apps compatible for the future BB OS release.


BlackBerry 10.2 Release

BlackBerry 10.2 will be released later this year. There is no confirmation about the BlackBerry 10.2 release and update but it can be expected that BlackBerry 10.2 release might arrive between Septembers to November 2013.


Now BlackBerry OS users would love to get BlackBerry OS and BlackBerry Smartphones because they will be apply that will get access to millions of Android Apps which will be released for Android Jelly Bean on Google play, will be compatible to the BlackBerry 10.2 OS based BlackBerry Smartphones.

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