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Pakistan & Bollywood Celeb Ads Boost QMobile Android Phones Campaign

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Have you seen the Smile on faces When people see Kareena Kapoor’s Ad on TV in Pakistan?  I’m sure they like Bollywood and Pakistani Actors, but Kareena Kapoor’s QMobile Ad certainly makes them smiling, encouraged and a kind of motivated. I’m not saying now men out there will be going to buy a QMobile Android Phone very soon after watching QMobile Kareena’s Ad (Some of them may be).

Well, the thing which makes me happy as a Marketing Student, Online Entrepreneur, Content Strategist and Blogger is actually somehow a brand goes out of the orbit and brings a new thing in the Market – I have been observing Pakistan TV for a while now (I said TV, not News Channels, be advised) – I can’t see, follow and resist to Pakistani News Channels… Sorry!

So I found different Ad Campaign mentalities, Ufone a major Pakistan’s cellular service company brought a concept of creative, funny and interesting Ad Campaign and they are king on this side – They actually brought a message-based, conceptual and funny-factor tv Commercial trend in the country which hasn’t been seen earlier in the country.

QMobile’s Age, Start-up and Approach

In my view, QMobile hasn’t done anything bad, they actually impressed me a lot that’s why I’m thinking more about them, analyzing their products (Android Phones especially), and as they quote themselves as ‘Best-Selling Smartphone brand in Pakistan‘ well there is no doubt about that. I’m sure they are giving a nail-biting competition and headaches to the world’s major Android Phone producers like Samsung, Sony, LG, Huawei and HTC in Pakistan’s market where Nokia is like vanished from the local market.

Android OS was enough already to clean it [Nokia] up in Pakistan’s market just like it did in other markets of the world. I wish Nokia also join Android and start bringing Nokia Android phones, because I remember the time when I was totally in love with Nokia Symbian Phones (a decade back may be).

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QMobile was launched in 2009, and the way this brand started moving up, I know one thing being a marketing student, If you need to jump in among the Gators in the pool, you need to be at least a Dinosaur as a safe-side to remain alive – that’s what QMobile did in Pakistan market.

It is hardly a 5-year old Start-up and obviously made a difference, its not that they are just perfect, I’m sure there might be some lacking points in their products, and even I have written about the issue some users of QMobile have seen.

See this: 3 Reasons Why My Bro Doesn’t like QMobile Android Phones

But the point is, they have got acceptability, and once you get public acceptability they start ignoring little hiccups of yours and contribute to your brand by using your product, by analyzing your products and most importantly by discussing your products on various platforms in which Social Media and Online Web Communities are on top.


Pakistani & Bollywood Celebs Ad Campaign

I don’t have any doubt that QMobile’s perfect Ad Campaign which includes Pakistan and Bollywood Celebrities helped them in catching the customers attention and grabbing their choice by offering some amazing, affordable and cheap Android Phones.

Actually people just accept and love Celebrities without the factor of borders and countries, and as far as Bollywood Actors and Celebrities are concerned, they are extremely popular and acceptable in Pakistan which added a real spice in QMobile’s Ad Campaign in last 10 months.

Actors like Aditya Roy Kapur, Kareena Kapoor, Shan and Ali Zafar are the Celebrities from Pakistan and India who have been associated with QMobile Ad Campaigns, and you never know what happens next…





Disclaimer: All Images except twitter screenshot in this article are taken from Qmobile website [] to help the cause of assisting readers in a better way. All pictures/screenshots except twitter one belong to QMobile. Don’t forget, I love QMobile as well. So relax.

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