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Buy Thief (Video Game) for Windows with 50% Off (Limited time Offer)

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Thief is a breathtaking and thriller video game based on stealth genre. This amazing video game is developed by Eidos Montreal, and published under the banner of Square Enix.

It’s a¬†fourth edition of the Thief Stealth based Series. Thief has been made available for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One platforms after its release on February 25, 2014 in North America. Thief Game arrived to Australia on February 27, 2014, and then to Europe on February 28, 2014.

Thief Video Game with 50% Off (Limited time Offer)

A big news for PC Gamers around the world to grab their one of the favorite games ‘Thief’ for Microsoft Windows – Steam is offering 50% discount for limited time offer on Thief Video Game – So price for Thief Video Game for Windows version is $29.99 $14.99. Buy Now


Image credit: Eidos Montreal/Square Enix

Gameplay and Story: Thief Video Game

Garrett is the Character ‘The Thief’ in this game which gamers will be using to beat the luck, death, enemies and the whole world – Garrett is out there living, surviving, planning and working to steal from the rich and deliver to the poor.

Thief’ video game’s gameplay is quite user-friendly where gamer would be free to make choices and decisions about the role, effort and steps to be taken by Thief.

Players of Thief will be given a number of options to decide what to do, right decisions will be the key of survival and to stay on the road for your mission. At every new level, there will a new hurdle waiting for you. Being a Thief (Character) you have to be mentally and technically strong in the game for apply tactical gears to face the threats.

Remember, Garrett isn’t just a thief, but he is a guard and rescuer as well – You might be seeing many hostage situations where you have to help the people and living-things on your way…

Beating the enemy and solving the hurdles would be the success. You might get stunned with the outcome of highly strategic gameplay, game’s artificial intelligence, Aesthetic design approach, explicit environmental issues and modern-day technical gears…

Be there, be safe and never look back, when you’re out there to steal something for good…

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