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Can iOS7 beat Android in 2013?

Posted: June 16, 2013 at 5:08 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

iOS7 has recently been released by Apple and now iOS7 has come to the discussion among tech-experts and Smart phone enthusiasts. iOS7 might came at the right time to create an impact when Android 4.2 is coming for few devices and even Android 4.3 is all set to come soon may be in the LG Smart phones this year.

iOS7 introduced just 2 weeks earlier when big competitor Samsung is all set to introduce new Android Smart phones and tablets on June 20, 2013 at London.

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Smart phones keen to know about the famous Smart phone rivalry of iOS vs Android that how it will go in the second half of 2013. iOS7 has been released and Android 4.3 is all set to roll out in a couple of days, may be weeks. Nobody knows what actually happens on the June 20, 2013 event about Android 4.3.


Different opinions about iOS7 and Android 4.3, are increasing the curiosity among the Smart phone fans.  The question comes to the mind of many iOS fans that ‘Can iOS7 beat Android in 2013?’


Its tough to say quite comfortably that iOS7 can suddenly change things around for Apple’s latest OS release which is called iOS7. Android almost covers 51% of the smart phone market and it means world’s 51% smart phones are Android based and its not a big thing to prove that it is quite tough to beat Android.

Samsung’s continuous domination in the Smart phone market globally helping out Android’s success worldwide and it is providing extra room for other Android based smart phones which have been released by other Smart phone brands like HTC, Sony and LG to shape up the market for their products.iOS7

iOS7 will certainly make an impact in the start as iOS fans and iPhone users will turn to iOS and Apple to see the updates and newer version of the iOS.

Big Benefit of iOS7 Release

The biggest benefit of the early release of iOS7 before any other iPhone release is that, iOS and iPhone fans will come to know about iOS7 and they will keep on looking for iOS7 and after some time when iPhone latest version will be rolled out to the market, may be it will be named as iPhone 5S, then it will be advertised and showcased with iOS7 operating system which make iPhone 5 or iPhone 4S users to move to iPhone 5S to enjoy and check iOS7 based iPhone 5S. So from business point of view, early release of iOS7 is totally cool and an ideal move from Apple.


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