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Why you should Not Use Cheap Android Phones?

Posted: December 31, 2013 at 5:56 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

You might find people now updating their mobile phones and turning to Android based Smartphones – Android OS is certainly a growing mobile operating system and according to a rough estimate Android covers around 75% of world smartphone market share.

I’m an Android user and there is no way I’ll switch to any other mobile OS like iOS, Windows Phone or BlackBerry OS – Google Play Store and Android Phone affordability might be the solid reasons to stay on Android but still I’m writing an article on Cheap Android Phones and focusing why you shouldn’t use Cheap Android Phones.

It doesn’t mean all Android Phone brands other than Samsung, LG, Sony, HTC and other top Android phone manufacturers are bad choices to make, there are some quality Android Phone manufacturers in Europe and Asia, but most of the cheap Android Phone manufacturers aren’t that much acceptable.


Photo credit: Google Inc. (Android)

I’m going to discuss few top reasons of not choosing any cheap android phone available in many countries from local producers or local importers who get Android phones from Chinese company and sell in low price to compete with top Android phone manufacturing brands like Samsung, HTC, Sony, LG and Huawei.

Hardware Competency

I don’t say every cheap android phone or brand has hardware problems – but if an Android Phone costs you $60 to $90 as compared to an Android phone which costs $500 to $800, then you can’t compete both technologies for sure.

I’m not going to name any specific brand of any country – Of course brands want to make their customers happy and I don’t want to disturb their marketing campaigns.

I have personally used and seen people using Cheap Android Phones and they got problems and reliability issues.

So, hardware would certainly make a huge difference – A Snapdragon or other latest Android phone processor can’t compete with cheap or old technology processor that can only provide 2 MP camera in a smartphone – It’s not about Rear Camera result – Latest and competent Android Phone which costs you more than $500 will certainly deliver you something great in every aspect.

Android OS Update

You’ll find a bundle of brands in the market with Android Phones – Android Phone is an open-source mobile operating system, so manufacturers use Android OS type according to the hardware capacity – If a mobile producer doesn’t spend money on the processor, camera, body and design, elegance and operating system, then manufacturer can’t add functionalities and features for free.

Android OS update is a huge factor for me – I’m sure it will be for thousands of more people who have used an Android Phone other than top brands – Normally Cheap Android Phones or Cheap Android Phone brands do not offer Android OS update in their Android Phones – it actually disturbed me – That was the biggest reason which made me able to decide that I shouldn’t use a Cheap Android Phone.

You can get Android OS update when it rolls out – Even many Smartphone manufacturers don’t have any facility to manually update the Android OS on their own manufactured Smartphones – So if their customers have to update the Android OS, they have to buy another new Android OS mobile with new and latest Android OS.

Operating System Quality

You’ll never find best hardware supportive Android operating system – System crashes quite sometimes in few Smartphones of such low quality Android Phones – I had been the victim of Cheap Android Phone brand, and decided that I’ll choose any top brand in the future.

4 Benefits of Using a Top Android Phone brand

Top Android phone brand vs. Cheap Android Phone brand – You can’t simply imagine both of them. Quality, effective software and hardware make a huge difference in both types of Smartphones.


Photo credit: Samsung

  1. You’ll have the feature available to upgrade your Android OS in top Android Phone brand like Samsung, LG, HTC and Sony.
  2. You’ll find good amount of knowledge and information about flagship and latest Android Phones from top brands.
  3. Expert reviews will be easily available to check for latest and top Android Phones from reputable Android Phone manufacturing companies.
  4. Mobile carriers offer different packages with great discount – All top and famous carriers in North America and Europe choose top Android Phones for their carrier packages rather than cheap android phones.


Photo credit: Samsung

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