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7 Must-Install Chrome Extensions for Bloggers and Webmasters

Posted: June 8, 2014 at 10:01 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

Every Chrome user somehow needs to find necessary Chrome Extensions according to the requirement and necessity of his/her work. Chrome is an amazing web browser from Google Inc. which provides a great alternative browsing facility for internet users who want to use Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox Alternative.

Bloggers and Webmasters always need tools and extensions not only in their browser, but also in their laptops, Personal computers and Smartphones. There are many Android and iOS apps which help Bloggers, Content Marketers and Webmasters in making their work easier.

For example, LinkedIn Pulse is a news & content aggregator and reader app available on Android, Mega is a cloud-data storage app available on Android, VyprVPN Android app for accessing blocked sites and secure browsing, hence there is a list of Android and iOS apps which help bloggers and webmasters.

Similarly Bloggers and Webmasters need their Chrome browsers to work pretty amazingly and useful for themselves for making their daily working on the internet easier. Therefore, I thought to make a short list of Must-Install Chrome Extensions for Bloggers and Webmasters to install and use:

1 – Spell checker and Grammar checker

Spell checker and Grammar checker is an extremely useful web browser extension for Chrome from Ginger Software. It has been a useful tool for content marketers, bloggers, authors and other social media active users around the world.

spell checker and grammar checker

Whether you’re writing a blog post, email or Facebook update on your favorite Chrome browser, Ginger’s Spell checker and Grammar checker will help you to write grammatically correct sentences and spelling-wise proper words. Link

2 – Just Pin It

Just Pin It

Just Pin It’ is an amazing pinning extension for Chrome and Pinterest users. Pinterest is a rapidly growing pictures sharing social community and Just Pin It’ plugins integrates your Chrome browser with your Pinterest Account to share pictures, infographics and videos to the pinterest. Link

3 – Twitter for Chrome


Twitter is a major micro-blogging and social media website. Twitter for Chrome’ extension helps you to control and use your Twitter account through a Chrome extension right in your browser without opening Twitter website. Keep an eye on Tweets, Mentions and Discover topics using hashtag. Link

4 – Search Switch


Search Switch’ is a useful extension for Chrome for internet and tech-savvy users who search a lot and use different search engines to search things. Internet marketers, Entrepreneurs, Webmasters, Bloggers and SEO Experts always check their content, blog and website’s ranking in different search engines, so using this extension in your Chrome browser will help you to search in different search engines quickly. Link

5 – ToutApp Email Tracking


ToutApp is an email tracking and management tool to integrate your Gmail, Outlook and Salesforce accounts. This plugin helps users to quickly respond to the colleagues and clients. It features click tracking on emails, email templates, meeting scheduler and much more that a professional manager or employee needs. Link

6 – Download Master


Download Master Chrome extension makes it easier for users to download linked material on the page they are visiting. Users can download all images, videos, pdf, documents and any other file available on the page they are checking or visiting. Link

7 – ColorZilla


ColorZilla has been a famous color picking extension for Chrome. Previously it was available for Firefox only, and now it has arrived for Chrome as well. It helps you in getting any color reading from any point in your browser and allow you to paste the color in other program running at that time. Start using ColorZilla and explore more color tools in this extension. Link

PS: All Images/Names/trademarks belong to their makers/owners. We posted just for audience help and information. 

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