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DailyMotion Starts Video Game Streaming

Posted: January 17, 2015 at 12:50 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

Recently DailyMotion launched its Video Game Streaming Service as a part of video-content publishing strategy to attract gamers and gaming fans around the globe to witness and share gaming videos and live video-game sessions with the audience.

Twitch has been the biggest name in the Gaming Industry for Online live video game streaming. Youtube, Ustream and LiveStream have also been known for video game streaming – Now they got company!

DailyMotion has also started a section dedicated for Gamers and gaming fans to watch video streaming of games from gamers across the globe – There is a lot to discuss in DailyMotion’s Video Game Streaming site [].

‘DailyMotion Games’ is certainly going to make a difference and heat in the video game streaming industry, as Amazon-owned Twitch was quite famous game streaming service, if not suddenly but later on maybe.

dailymotion game streaming

Screenshot credit: DailyMotion

One of the reasons of success of DailyMotion Games section is, DailyMotion might bring new gaming base of users in the market – Content Creators on DailyMotion might be suddenly start to focus on DailyMotion Games. For example, I also started thinking to stream my tennis game… I play Virtua Tennis 4 on PC!

Similarly, many Content Creators on DailyMotion might start to think about Game Streaming now…

This intuitive-thought came to my mind because I never ever thought to stream any kind of game on Twitch – Because, I’m not really a gamer!

But now…

No one knows!

DailyMotion and Monetization

DailyMotion has got different monetization models for Content Creators. You can be just a publisher on DailyMotion to publish (share) content of other Creators and earn a share of revenue on the videos…

Video Game Streaming from Dailymotion

Another option is when you start video creation on DailyMotion, after a certain time when your videos start getting views on regular basis, you can apply in Partner Program to earn revenue on your videos. 

Now ‘DailyMotion Games‘ feature gives another advantage to Partners, like many other Content-features which are limited to Partners only, for example, Adding Image as thumbnail on Dailymotion Videos is limited to Partners and Paid Videos SubscriptionOpenVoD‘ is also limited to DailyMotion Partners, there is something more for Partners in this addition!  

Dailymotion Partners have got monetization feature on their live feed of Video Game Content… I’ll shed more light on DailyMotion Games Monetization in the future… 

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