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Dany brings Genius Tab and Phablet Android devices in Pakistan

Posted: March 4, 2014 at 7:51 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

Dany Technologies Shenzhen is a famous Chinese Electronics and IT products maker and operating in China, Pakistan and all over the world. Its major brands operating in Pakistan are Dany and Audionic which have been pretty successful in the IT market in terms of Computer, Networking and Electronic consumer products.

Dany Technologies product range covers headphones, PC Microphones, Speakers, Webcams, Adapters, Chargers, PC Power Supplies, TV tuners and TV devices, PC Mouse, keyboards, USB Flash drives and much more.

Now Dany entered into another emerging segment of the Tech-Market in Pakistan – While QMobile is still dominating the party as Smartphone producer and Seller brand in Pakistan, Dany has chosen the tablets PC-Devices area to cover in Pakistan, and started looking better and better every day.


Photo credit: Dany Technologies

Dany jumps in the empty space in Pakistan market with low and mid range Android tablets, and brings Genius Tab Series for consumers who aren’t really looking for iPad, Samsung or other brands’ tablets.


Photo credit: Dany Technologies

Dany Genius tab series consists of G5 Dual Core, S2 Dual Core, Q3 Quadcore, G4 Dual Core, Q4 Quadcore, S-I Single Core, G3 Dual Core and G4 Dual Core – 8 tablets and phablet devices from Dany is a strong and brave start in the new-breed of technology, and in the market like Pakistan where purchasing power is slightly less than other Asian countries like China, Malaysia, Indonesia and Japan.


Photo credit: Dany Technologies

Well, I found Dany Genius tab series a quick and timely effort just like QMobile did with Android Smartphones Market in Pakistan – They came, brought something new and got success. No doubt, QMobile is Pakistan’s best selling local brand, and probably best selling Smartphone brand when it comes to numbers – Everyone can’t hold iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C, because cellular services (Carriers) don’t offer deals in Pakistan just like Smartphone users get in USA and all across Europe.

Why to Compare Dany Genius Tab Series with QMobile Smartphones?

I’m comparing two different campaigns – Because both companies went for something particular – Its about targeting something particular, getting specialized in something specific and seeing the success.

QMobile was offering basic touch-screen phones earlier, and they saw an empty-pool of Smartphone market in Pakistan (especially for Android Phones), and they took timely decisions, went for Android Smartphones, and now they are leading Android Smartphone sellers in the country – Guess what QMobile started in 2009, and within 5 Years they have got Bollywood Star Kareena Kapoor in their Advertising – It isn’t easy though in terms of financing such a campaign…

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