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Dropbox Android App Review

Posted: July 15, 2013 at 5:27 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

Dropbox is a famous cloud service to upload, secure and back-up your data, files and pictures on the dropbox server and gives you access from your Smartphones and PC from anywhere to login to your account and use the data uploaded on your account.

Dropbox Android App is a necessary App for Dropbox users who want to access their Dropbox uploaded content on their Smartphones. Dropbox is a rapidly growing cloud data uploading service and its website is among top 200 websites of the world. Dropbox Android App is equally useful and essential for home and business users. Home users can use Dropbox Android App to share their family data, like pictures and videos with family members whereas if you are using as a professional then Dropbox is still helpful for you, and you can use Dropbox Android App for sharing your presentations, important Excel and MS Word files and other office files on your PC.

Dropbox Android App Review

If you forgot to take your important file from PC and just make sure you have shared that file or folder on your PC using Dropbox, then it will automatically added to Dropbox folder of your account and you will easily access those files using Dropbox Android App on your Android phone from your Office.

Dropbox needs to be installed on your PC and App can be installed on your Android phone to synchronize and create a communication among your Smartphone, PC and Dropbox account. Now Dropbox Android App gives you the chance to access your files from your switched-on PC at home when you are out of home or visiting some clients, just log-in to your Dropbox Android App and access your files from PC at home and see family pictures at home computer when you are on business tour and even travelling in other parts of the world, just stay connected with your family by keep watching their pictures using Dropbox Android App.

Dropbox Android App

Dropbox Android App provides you the opportunity to share your data, photos and videos with your family. It becomes more useful when you need to access your necessary content or family pictures and you are not in contact with anybody at home, try to develop the Dropbox sharing habit, by doing so, you don’t need to get someone on skype or other messenger to take files, you will directly access your home PC, even if you are in other country, by using Dropbox on your Android phone.

Dropbox Android

Dropbox Android App is an amazing addition in the Dropbox solutions and facilities they provide for the users. Dropbox free account has a limited space but you can access more space by going with premium plan. Dropbox Android App gives you the opportunity to access your Android Smartphone, home PC and tablet device and share your data within seconds between your devices using Dropbox Android App. Download Dropbox Android App

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