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Elfyourself Android App Review

Posted: December 16, 2013 at 6:36 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

Annual holidays season always brings entertainment, cheer, happiness, parties, celebrations and obviously off days from work and in this season you can even laugh more – Elfyourself Android App is going to be one of the most important Android apps in this holiday season.

Elf refers to the small naughty and fairy creatures so Elfyourself Android App takes you to the entertainment and probably childhood land of yours right on your Android phone. Elfyourself Android App is developed by Magic Mirror LLC and available to download on Google play.

Now you can turn yourself to Holiday and Christmas elves using Elfyourself Android App on your Android Smartphone using Elfyourself Android App – It’s a chance for you to get entertained and entertain your family and children.

How Elfyourself Android App works?

It’s a simple Android App for entertainment, fun, dance and cheer and especially for Christmas and Holiday season at the end of the year when you have a million reasons to celebrate and get yourself little relaxed from office work and spend some amazing and quality time with your family.

Elfyourself_android_app_reviewImage courtesy: Officemax and Magic Mirror LLC

It’s quite simple to use, all you need to do is upload photos of yours, family and friends (up to five photos) using Elfyourself Android App (You can use facebook photos as well), then you have to select the style of the dance floor which is dance theme’ in actual and then Elfyourself Android App will generate an awesome and funny Elfyourself video for you with dancing and smiling with your friends and family.

Sharing of Videos: Elfyourself Android App

Elfyourself Android App has a great feature to develop and generate entertaining and funny dancing ELF videos for you, and it has the feature to share those ready-videos with your friends and family on the Facebook or via email – Sharing option actually integrates a new chapter of entertaining others with your ELF videos and funny clips.


Image courtesy: Officemax and Magic Mirror LLC

Graphic Factor and Concept

Elfyourself Android App is an awesome piece of release from Officemax and developed by Magic Mirror LLC.  Concept behind this Android app is totally fun, entertainment and smiles – when Christmas and holiday season is on, you need reasons to smile and get happy and this is what this type of Android apps do.

We might have got entertained with Comic TV shows, Circus in the town or Cinema at times or say a decade back, now we are in the era of Social Media, Wireless Communication and Smartphones – So it totally makes sense if we find out such Apps for Smartphones which make us smile and happier for sometime – It’s kind of awesome thing!

Technically this is an amazing Android Entertainment App for everyone, and graphics and development look quite beautifully crafted and its worth to check in this Christmas and Holiday season.

Elfyourself Android App: How to Download?

Elfyourself is quite easy to download for Android Users from Google play. It is also available on itunes for iOS users to use on iPad or iPhone. Download Elfyourself Android App

Android version and Elfyourself

Elfyourself Android App requires Android 4.1 version or higher to install and play on your Android Smartphone. It means if you are using an old version of Android like 2.0 or 4.0 then it would not work for sure.

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