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Firefox OS Released for Developers: Android and iOS got Company in Mobile OS Market

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Firefox OS has been in the rumors and gossips among Smartphones enthusiasts – Android and iOS fans are deeply analyzing and looking for another fighter in the party.

Firefox OS last stable version released on December 09, 2013 for Developers – It was Firefox OS 1.2 and initial release was seen on April 23, 2013.

Firefox OS full release with Firefox OS based Smartphones are expected to arrive in second quarter of 2014 – it’s tough to say in the first quarter because Mozilla and partners wouldn’t go suddenly in the competition against Android, iOS and Windows Phone.

Android 4.4 Kitkat has already been released and Android based Smartphone manufacturers will surely be making grounds to push their latest Android 4.4 based Smartphones in the first quarter of 2014 to grab the initial season of 2014 – Samsung, HTC, Sony and LG are leaders in the Android Smartphone markets around the globe.

Samsung might be releasing Samsung Galaxy S5 according to the rumors around the blogs and social media – where as Apple might release iPhone 6 to compete with recently released Galaxy Note 3 from Samsung.

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Firefox OS key Elements

  • A new competition against other mobile operating systems will be seen.
  • A diversified Smartphone marketplace will be emerged in upcoming years.
  • A possibility for more mobile operating systems will be appeared after firefox OS success in the market.
  • Mozilla’s reputation and Firefox’s success will play a credible role in the adoption of Firefox OS.
  • Firefox OS will empower customized Smartphones and possibilities for various markets.

Firefox OS and Partners

Firefox OS isn’t alone in the party – Many top brands, mobile manufacturers, online services, App development companies and other Multimedia agencies are heading towards Firefox OS.



Some of the top brands and companies who have already partnered with Firefox OS are T-Mobile, LG, Samsung, ZTE, Telefonica, Qualcomm, Telenor, Singtel, Etisalat, Twitter, Soundcloud, Ebay, Box, Wikipedia, Facebook, Disney and Electronic Arts.

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