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Flappy Bird is Alive – No way, Seriously???

Posted: February 26, 2014 at 4:43 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

If you are an Android or iPhone user, it might not be possible that you never came to know about Flappy Bird game – It went viral in January and February 2014 on Google Play and App store, and ultimately some unknown reasons pushed that game to the hell of curiosity, and resulted its death.

Maker himself announced the termination on Twitter, and then he ended the game – Yeah, he made it off the markets (Google play and App store), and virally famous game came to an end.

I have heard people saying a lot on Facebook, G+ and Twitter about Flappy Bird – Some went crazy, and felt little more excitement in Flappy Bird, and actually downloaded the game, and later on they felt themselves lucky when it was vanished from the stores.

Strange thing: Flappy Bird

I have seen something amazing – Guess what! It wasn’t about just downloading and saving the game for the record – I saw an online advertisement running for Flappy Bird – Someone might have gone much crazy about the game, and actually attracting people to arrive on this website or blog by downloading the game.


Advertisement Screenshot

Advertisement itself says ‘You can still play Flappy Bird’ – Some things just happen, and make people crazy – I’m sure there’ll be a crowd who missed the Flappy Bird’, they just heard about it, but never went for it, and many of them came to know, but it wasn’t too early – so they might have thought, oh what they have done!

Now such crowd might be feeling lucky after seeing this advertisement – Advertiser will be getting some good amounts of clicks, where as publishers will feel lucky which’ll be getting Flappy Bird advertisement on their websites and blogs.

 Things happen in the world…

I personally never went for Flappy Bird – Despite the fact that I hate tough games on both Xbox and Android, but I never rushed to something like a ‘try’ with Flappy Birds when I found Flappy Bird will be dead after 22 hours…

See thisFlappy Bird Game goes Offline

May be, it’s graphic and low-standard images never allowed me to even check the Google Play page of Flappy Bird.

No offense, I respect the maker, who touched so much heights with this game, it’s me; I’m choosy when it comes to games and graphics.

I realized that Flappy Bird is still alive – Well, I don’t know the fact why it went offline – People say there were some problems in its viral-impact – Nothing is clear, no one knows – But, the impact it created, it made that game a ‘Brand’…

Tell me if you have played Flappy Bird – How was it? Comments section is waiting for you…

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