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Football Manager 2015 v15.3.0 is Available Now

Posted: March 22, 2015 at 4:05 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

Football Manager 2015 v15.3.0 is Available Now to download on Steam. It has got winter transfer window as well. To get this update, all you need is to save your game, quit the game and restart your steam account.You will get the update automatically after restarting the steam.

Football Manager 2015 is one of the popular games for PC, Mac and Linux. Just like Football Manager 2014 turned out to be a success, similarly, Football Manager 2015 has been a blockbuster from Sports Interactive.

Football Manager is extremely popular in United Kingdom and other countries of Europe. It has made its brand and now it’s unstoppable as far as gaming brand is concerned.

football manager 2015

Screenshot credit: Sports Interactive

Version 15.3.0 has been made available to the gamers of Football Manager. It includes the following performance updates:

  • Improved saving time in the game.
  • Random crashing problem during processing has been fixed.
  • Rare Mac-only crash when entering match has been fixed.
  • Player profile accessing error using keyboard navigation has been fixed.
  • Crashing error fixed when a player is ready for release.

More details are here

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