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Gmail Android App Updated

Posted: June 13, 2013 at 6:53 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

Gmail Android App is one of the most downloaded and used Android apps in the world. Gmail is a famous email service powered by search engine giant Google and Gmail Android App becomes one of the popular android apps on Google play.

One of the reasons of Gmail Android App download is, Gmail emailing service is a widely used email service and many people around the world want to check their emails on their Android phones. Some Smart phone companies are offering already installed Gmail Android App in their latest Smart phones and if you don’t get your Gmail Android App in your Android Smart phone, you can simply get it from Google play store.

Gmail Android App Updated

Gmail Android App provides you the opportunity to get all your gmail account’s emails on your Android phone. Now no need to rush to your laptop or home computer to check emails, utilize wifi and your Android phone and use gmail on your Android Smart phone.

Gmail Android App works outstandingly well for business executives, small business owners, job persons, students, home business owners and all other professionals. Home users can also use Gmail Android App for personal use. Gmail has been one of the most effective, efficient and successful email services and extremely famous in the world.

Gmail Android App gives a chance to use your email on smart phone, send emails, read previous messages in inbox and send urgent emails instantly on your Android phone through Gmail Android App.

Gmail Android App

Latest version of Gmail Android App is an amazing update of this app and it add more spice and freshness in the Gmail Android App. Now view your emails and attachments in the email as well. Download pictures and search any email from your Gmail account. Gmail Android App was updated on June 05, 2013 on Google play.

It is the time to get your Gmail Android App and open your Google play account to download this Android app on your Android phone. Now don’t miss your emails or don’t get late to reply to some important emails on your Gmail account from clients or executives and check your emails quickly on your Android phone to see different updates and reply via Android phone. This Android app gives an edge to internet users, professionals and executives to read and reply to important emails from colleagues and friends. Gmail Android App has been downloaded more than 100 million times and this android app ‘Gmail Android App’ has received over 600,000 reviews on Google Play.

Latest Updates in Gmail Android App

Now you can group different emails into different categories and this feature works like categories on the blog.

Now swipe your inbox screen just like Twitter Android app to see the latest message. Now use similar type of feature on Gmail Android App.

Tap on the image message in the email and see the image attached or included in the message.

Now read your emails with more effective and improved Gmail Android App.

More speedy service and efficient software help Gmail Android App users to use it comfortably.

Old bugs in the Android app fixed and removed.

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