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Google to get ‘Facial Patent’ for Android Smart Phones Security

Posted: June 12, 2013 at 9:14 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

News is coming through different Online and Social Media channels that Google has applied for another patent. This patent is facial recognition patent for Android Phones security. Some sources are telling that it is ‘Funny Faces’ patent. True picture will be seen when it will be officially announced and it will be seen in the latest Android Smart phones.

Many top smart phones and technology brands are using Android Mobile OS of Google. Samsung are on top among those brands. HTC, LG, Sony are global brands with huge following around the globe also offering Android based Smart phones.


Recently there were news all over the internet and social media about the Trojan attacks on Android and malwares are spreading through different Android Apps and Android games. Keeping security in mind Google might improve Android Smart phones security to avoid any breach of data and smart phones of the users. Recently Android’s biggest rival iOS hacking news also came to the scene and story revealed that how an iPhone can be hacked through charger device.

Google’s upcoming technology of Facial Patent which is likely to be called ‘Funny Faces’ technology would be another effort and healthy step towards improvement of the Android Security and to avoid breach of security.


The question comes in the mind that ‘Will this Facial security plan would make Android Smart phones totally save? There are about million Apps and games available on Google play and most of them are free to use. How Android apps and Android games lovers can make their Android Smart phones secure, every smart phone user does not know the updates and security tweaks to make their Smart phones safer, this sounds a tough challenge for Google and Android. The point is, to which extent this security effort can work, Google Play’s large store sounds a like a big challenge for Android and Google due to its big size, when Google looks ahead to make Android Phone secure in the future and what would be done to avoid malwares and Trojan Activation through Android Apps and Android Games?

Although, Funny Faces Facial Patent is a good science for Android Users and in the upcoming years may be in a year or two, we will be seeing more news on this patent and maybe we will practically be using this feature on any latest Android Phone in 2014 or 2015.

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