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Google updates ‘Google Search’ on Android

Posted: September 9, 2015 at 8:07 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

Google updated Search feature on Android. The new Google search contains, of course, the new logo and theme of Google. Google recently updated its logo and theme. It’s official and can be seen everywhere across the Google network.

Google didn’t forget its own Android OS in which Google Search is quite a major feature, not to mention the built-in search engine—Recently the update of Google Search arrived on Android and android devices will keep on receiving the update throughout the weekend and maybe later on as well.

Well… There are mix reviews about this update on Google Play Store.

People have actually started testing it, despite the quickness and efficient search system, people have found their way to criticize the update… All criticism can’t be bracketed into rants section, but it’s not fair to quickly analyze the update either… It’s too early to say about this update based on the initial comments and reviews.

Whenever an app or feature gets revamped, it requires a couple of tweaks and updates — and this update on Google search might take some time or a few quick updates to get better…

Users are concerning on the weather update, half the screen take up, and some image search issues…

That being said, it’s premature to say that this update hasn’t been able to impress the Android users…

There are always some problems in the updates…

Every Android device is a different piece. Maybe, it is the compatibility issue or a hardware support fault which arises after this update on search feature… It could be anything…

So far, my personal experience has been quite good. The one thing I found is the speedy search, which is great and by far the best thing on this update.

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