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Hemlis Secure Messenger for Android Announced

Posted: July 11, 2013 at 4:27 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

Hemlis Secure Messenger for Android has been announced by one of the most famous pirate site former spokesperson reported by CNET. Hemlis Secure Messenger is an upcoming Smartphone app and will be available for iOS and Android OS.

Hemlis Secure Messenger for Android is just announced yet and there is no confirmation about the release and its founder looks like collecting funds on the website Hemlis Secure Messenger has been given the tagline of ‘The Beautiful and Secure Messenger’. It might be getting popularity due to the recent NSA surveillance Scandal came to the scene about data privacy theft.

Now what to expect for this upcoming Hemlis Secure Messenger that will be available on Android as well. According to its introductory website, it explains that it will be the smartphone app messenger without any type of possible privacy breach. It might be considered world’s securest chatting and messaging Smartphone app.


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Hemlis is a Swedish word which means ‘Secret’. Brief intro of Hemlis Secure Messenger for Android is clearly depicting that Hemlis Secure Messenger for Android will be an amazing secure messenger available for Android Smartphones.

There are many questions about this Hemlis Secure Messenger for Android, and if an Android user understands security issues or may be an Android app developer who develops Android Apps, might be thinking after reading this news that how it is actually possible that a messenger app uses wifi connection or may be other data resources and remains private from the security point of view.

When a Smartphone gets switched on, and connected to the carrier and wifi as well, it actually gets dual connectivity with the access points. The smartphone is connected with the service provider (carrier) and secondly with the IP address of ISP, now being a tech-lover and tech-enthusiast, I never figured out yet how it will be possible for Hemlis Secure Messenger for Android to be secured and totally safe for the users.

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