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How to Activate Wi-Fi Hotspot on Android

Posted: January 11, 2015 at 8:14 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

Wi-Fi Hotspot on Android is one of the fantastic features of Android OS which every Android user doesn’t know. You can activate Wi-Fi Hotspot on Android to use your Android phone more than just a phone.

Have you tried to find features on your Android Smartphone that you never heard of? I did this, but I already knew about Wi-Fi Hotspot on Android, and I didn’t know that my Qmobile Android Phone with Android 4.0 operating system also got this feature.

So in this post I’m going to tell you about Wi-Fi Hotspot on Android and how to activate and use Wi-Fi Hotspot on Android. People might assume that I’m talking about Hotspot Shield, just to clarify that Hotspot shield VPN is entirely a different product to use, in fact, it’s an Android app which works as a VPN Service provider to make your internet connection anonymous & secured and to change IP address to access restricted websites on your ISP.

Whereas Wi-Fi Hotspot is a feature that enables your Android phone to become a Wi-Fi Router to share internet connection with others around you.

Have you seen network names with hotspot on airports? Did you ever use Wi-Fi from different companies on airport? ISPs and local internet service providers normally provide Internet Service through Hotspots on airport and public places to help people to use internet through wi-fi.

activate wifi hotspot

How and Why to Use Wi-Fi Hotspot

Wi-Fi Hotspot requires very simple settings on your device/android phone to share internet with your other phones/devices or friends’ devices around. Wi-Fi Hotspot makes internet access whole lot easier for people who don’t have internet but having android phones in your circle or near you.

It’s recommended that you must be using a high-quality Android Phone + 3G/4G internet package/service to share your internet or activate Wi-Fi Hotspot on your Android Phone. It doesn’t necessarily require 3G/4G to activate Wi-Fi Hotspot, even you can share your regular GPRS package, but speed and quality won’t be the same. You’ll find activation guide under this section.


How to Activate Wi-Fi Hotspot on Android 

Activating your Wi-Fi Hotspot on Android isn’t tough. All you need is to follow this simple guide to activate Wi-Fi Hotspot on Android.

  • Go the ‘Settings
  • Then open ‘Wireless and Networks’ (if requires to click more, then click)
  • You should see hotspot option
  • Open ‘Tethering & Portable hotspot
  • Then, go to Portable WLAN hotpost… (Mark it)
  • (Optional: Take a look on options like Keep ‘WLAN On’ and ‘Bluetooth tethering’)  

how to activate wifi hotspot


activate wifi hotspot on android phone


How to Use Wi-Fi Hotspot Internet on PC or Laptop

Once you’ve done settings on your Android Phone, you might start observing your phone as WLAN on your PC or laptop, try to connect it, and if it asks password or security key, then open the ‘Configure WLAN hotspot’ Option in the ‘Tethering & Portable hotspot’ settings to see the password to connect.

Happy Wi-Fi Hotspot-ing!

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