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How to Play Subway Surfers Android Game?

Posted: January 10, 2014 at 9:00 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

Subway Surfers is a running-adventure game based on the survival story of a young boy. Subway Surfers Android Game is one of the most downloaded android games and it’s going to be a huge hit in 2014, as we have seen Subway Surfers Android Game got huge popularity in the Q4 of 2013.

Games like Temple Run and its other parts, Survival Run and few more running and survival genre games have got their place in the Smartphone gaming world – iOS and Android are major Smartphone operating systems and most of the top games come for both iOS and Android. Subway Surfers Android App is developed by Kiloo.

Story and Genre: Subway Surfers

It’s quite interesting game to play on your Android phone. Default character of Subway Surfers is Jake who has to successfully escape from the subway when inspector has seen him spraying in the subway – Running and escaping from the Subway would only be the chance for Jake’s survival.

Inspector won’t be running alone, he will be with his dog who will be angry too as Inspector, so Jake has to run, and may be run faster to avoid the trouble and police station stuff .


Image credit: Kiloo

It’s a survival and running genre based Android game, extremely famous among young people who love to play mischievous, running and survival games. Temple Run, Temple run 2 and Survival Run fans would definitely love Subway Surfers Android game and they would find it as Temple Run’s best alternative Android game.

Subway Surfers: How to Play?

Playing Subway Surfers won’t be a tough task to do, you must need to know that it requires some basics to be known as you have to swipe on the screen to make the adjustments (changing position and direction) – Jake will be running on the subway, so trains will be there, sometimes train will be coming, and sometimes trains will not be moving – Boxes and much more stuff will be in his way, so he needs to make sure that he doesn’t get stuck in the stuff and get caught.


Image credit: Kiloo

There will be few more gaming-characters you can pick instead of Jake – You’ll love to see interesting and cool characters of Subway Surfers – Choose your best Subway Surfer to play this game – From Schoolish-girl to handsome good looking boy, Punk-boy to yo-yo style rockstar would be in the character to be chosen – So choose your favorite character/ Subway Surfer to play this game.

There are many levels of Subway Surfers, and you get points when you collect coins while running – It’s not just the survival from the inspector, you have to get something while running, Coins will be one of the important things you have to collect – There will be some bonuses out there for you, you have to grab them whenever it becomes possible to get them while running.


Image credit: Kiloo

Collection of coins would make you able to go to Subway Surfers store and buy some magical options and energetic powers to play Subway Surfers. Bonuses and powers buying would certainly make a difference in the game. Download

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