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How to Save or Download a Website in PDF Format on Android?

Posted: April 12, 2014 at 8:00 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

Saving any Website Page or Blog Post into PDF format might be something you haven’t experienced yet! Some of us probably seen great tools regarding PDF conversion from MS Word or Excel Programs…

But how to download a whole page or blog post into PDF format? You might be thinking, why you need to do that? Well, there are many benefits of getting a blog post saved into your Android Phone as PDF file.

Suppose you’re reading something important – You don’t know much about bookmarking or any other option to save the web link on your Android Phone, you can simple make the PDF version of the post or page you’re checking, and PDF file with downloaded content will be saved on your Android Phone.

How to Save or Download a Website in PDF Format?

Its very easy to do – Firstly you need to use Firefox for Android for saving any webpage or article into PDF format to download and read it later. It helps in creating the backup and record of various useful content into your record. After installing Firefox for Android, make sure you have opened the page or post you want to save or download into PDF format.


After opening the targeted page, go to the setting of the Firefox for Android through left-side on your Android Phone – Then click on the ‘tools‘ from the settings, and proceed further to the next options menu.


Then choose ‘Save as PDF‘ – After selecting this option, you’ll automatically get that certain page or post saved into your Android phone memory storage as PDF file.

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