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How to Start Chat and Private Instant Messaging with Co-workers using Flowdock Android App?

Posted: January 10, 2014 at 6:45 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

Android Apps come whenever and wherever you require something to fulfill your demand – Whether it’s your office management task, or you need a social and chatting app, you’ll find a bunch of ready Android Apps at Android’s Apps pool we normally know as Google Play.

You might be thinking that you require some heavy Android app development from a software company who charges a lot of money – I have good news for you, and it’s that you don’t need to pay some heavy amount to a software company, why don’t you keep your money in your wallet?

Here comes Flowdock!

Flowdock is a stunning solution for your small business and start-up. It’s a great enterprise communication and sharing tool which bounds you with your coworkers and other employees working as a team.

So you don’t have to email reports to your manager or wait for him to come online on Skype – When Flowdock brings you peace, why don’t you take it? It’s kind of big deal… Isn’t it?


Image credit: Flowdock

Well, Flowdock is an innovative service which connects employees to employees, employees to manager, manager to boss – it’s a solution for co-workers interaction, communication and data sharing and gives a service which integrates with many possible platforms to enhance your team-effort and maximize your company’s growth with the effective and quick communication.

Features of Flowdock


1-on-1 Quick Communication

It provides you the solution to get 1-on-1 chat and interaction through your Smartphones – Need quickly a short answer or tip from your colleague and he might not be sitting at his desk, just start communicating with him right on your Android Phone using Flowdock Android App.

Private Chat Ease

Some tasks are very important and you don’t have to shout about them, so just talk to your specific person for the special job you want to be done quickly – Communication with an ease and reliable way hasn’t done before.  Start private chat with your colleagues or Boss now.



Image credit: Flowdock

Online Status

While working as a team, you’ll remain connected with your team mates, your Flowdock Android App shows you who has joined and available to talk on Flowdock network at your Office – See real time status of your colleagues who are online on Flowdock.

@ Notification

Just like major social media communication websites, you can use [email protected] tag while using Flowdock Android App, to mention someone or bring to the discussion, and use the username of the other person who you want to be notified with [email protected] tag. Example: @JohnMathews

Co-workers Status

Flowdock Android App provides you the option to show and update your current status on your Flowdock network – Just write you are thinking or what you want to do now. Let others know what you are up to!


Image credit: Flowdock

Push Notifications

You’ll get a notification when someone will mention you in a discussion – It makes you aware that you are being discussed – The best thing about this feature is you’ll be able to respond very quickly if some urgency comes.

Desktop Updates

You can setup your notification settings and just stay updated with the updates of your Flowdock network. You can get notified on your phone or tablet’s desktop if you want to.

Trust me – there is much more in it, just check – Download

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